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Revolutionary Timeline

No description

Whitney Draper

on 12 May 2018

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Transcript of Revolutionary Timeline






Revolutionary Timeline
The Sugar Act Passed
{April 5, 1764}
Battle of Monmouth
{June 28, 1778}
Battle of Charleston
{May 12, 1780}
-Americans worst defeat yet
-3,000 Patriots captured

War Begins
{April 19, 1775}
The Battle of Lexington and Concord
{April 1775}
Battle of Bunker Hill
{June 17, 1775}
Moore's Creek Bridge
{February 27, 1776}
-British defeated!
-Patriots are very happy and positive
America Declares Independence!
{July 1776}
Battle of Saratoga
{Sept & Oct, 1777}
Articles of Confederation
{March 2, 1781}
US Constitution ratified
{September 17, 1787}
-Patriots lose :(
-Didn't go down
withouta good fight
The Stamp Act Passed
{March 22, 1765}
The Boston Massacre
{March 5, 1770}
The Boston Tea Party
{December 16, 1773}
Battle of Princeton
{December 25, 1776}
Treaty of Paris
{September 3, 1783}
-An indirect tax for the
colonists to pay
-Passed at a time of
economic depression
-Angered the colonists
-A tax that was just for
-An extra tax on paper
-An "unconstitutional"
tax that caused mobs to
take place
-The colonists formed a
mob against the British
-British soldiers fought
back in self defense
-There were some
-"No TAXATION without
-First major act of
defiance against British rule
-Rallied American patriots
-Tea got thrown overboard
-700 British troops sent
to capture Patriot leaders
-"The British are coming!"
-Paul Revere
-Patriots Win!
-Patriots declared independence from Britain
-Patriots now are Americans
-George Washington and his army suprise attack the British on Christmas
-Americans win battle!
-This Battle was the turning point of the war!
-American's win!
-This is what caused the French to become our allies.

-American's attempt to make
a form of government
-In the end it ultimately failed
-New form of
government made
-This one stuck
-This is still in place
-This document was the end of the war put together by the Continental Congress.
-It was an agreement between America and Britain.
By: Whitney Draper
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