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ART bier

Anglia Ruskin University

Sandra Pollak

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of ART bier

ART bier
Core Values of ART bier
Advertising & Promotion
Give & Get
ART bier & AB InBev
ART bier & AB InBev
Fruity and feminine version of lager beer -
Orange & Ginger
Vital international environment
Anglia Ruskin Taste /A Refreshing Treat
Individuals express themselves while studying at ARU
Unique origin of
Anglia Ruskin University
Vitality -
Personality -
Lager beer
Creativity -
Customers that appreciate the new light beer experience
Student identification and satisfaction with the product
Pricing &
Distribution within Pubs, University & ARU events
ART bier creates a strong bond and a feeling of belonging together
Introducing a lighter and refreshing beer version in the UK
Tradition meets modern art
The idea behind the beer
1. Celebration of our university's
international success and heritage

2. ART is in everything we do
3. Mixed light beer version with 2.8%
alcohol content

Cambridge School of Art - Anglia Ruskin University's heritage
Print Marketing
Social Marketing
Event Marketing
ART Magazine
Beer Mats
Bottle Cap Lottery
ART bier Pub & Punting Tours
Promotional Campaigns
University's anniversary
Cambridge Tours & Events
Customer Loyalty to the product & brand
Discount for ARU students
Inspired by international mixed beer segments
Support of local and global events, e.g. 21st Anniversary, Cambridge Beer Festival, Global Be(er) Responsible Day
Sponsorship of target group
Adoption of AB InBev's Environmental Policy
275ml lightweight transparent glass bottle
Local production and usage of recycled paper
Responsible drinking - 2.8%
AB InBev's Global Responsible Drinking Goals for 2014
Consumer awareness through beer label and beer tracker
Thank you for your interest & attention.
Why 2.8% alcohol content?
1. Promoting Responsible Drinking
2. Tax & Fiscal Advantage of
Beer Duty Rates

3. Demand for light beer by target

Bottle Cap Lottery
ART bier Merchandise
Key Chain Rain Poncho
Bicycle Saddle Cover
Responsible Drinking Beer Tracker
Cooling Bag
Cotton Bag
Sticker & Beer Mats
Bottle Opener & Pins
Miniature Beer Bottle
Fortune Cookies with AB InBev facts
Usage of Social Media &
Life is ART - enjoy it with the ART bier
Fits perfectly in product portfolio while remaining its individual character
ART is in everything we do
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