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Augmented Reality From Tanagram Inc.

Extra Credit Assignment

Justin Anthony

on 9 February 2011

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Transcript of Augmented Reality From Tanagram Inc.

Augmented Reality: Projected Military Uses AR in a "It superimposes graphics, audio and other sense enhancements from computer screens onto real time environments." Well here are some examples of what it all means... Example 2 Description and Pic TANAGRAM INC. ZOMG, what do you mean?? One well known example is the Heads Up
Displays (HUDs) for fighter aircraft. SWEET AIRCRAFT!! ON YOUR SKIN!!! On your skin or even on a desk,
it creates a virtual interface on
items in the real world. DOMESTIC INFORMATION! Trying to find a place but drivng slow is no option?
Going on a road trip?
Got lost and need to find a familiar location or a place you can find assistance?
Rumor has it, vehicles may start getting these installed in the windshields! WHILE YOU'RE JOGGING!! Want to see when the incline is?
Hate stepping into ninja like potholes?
How about a personal HUD made for joggers! Where the heck am I going with this?? This is a technology innovation and design company based in Chicago, Illinois. The coming presentation is their visual story line of how their projected product will come to be of use by the US Military, check it out!!! Precise Overlay Registration Within Augmented Reality Augmented reality. What is it? How would the US Military use it? References http://spill.tanagram.com/2010/05/24/precise-overlay-registration-within-augmented-reality-a-glimpse-into-the-technology/

http://www.tech-faq.com/augmented-reality.html Created By: Justin R. Anthony
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