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Sha'Nay Miles

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Aaliyah

On The Rise Aaliyah uncle was Barry Hankerson who is a entertainment lawyer / record producer. He was also married to Gladys Knight.
Aaliyah traveled along with Knight and worked with an agent in New York.
She auditioned for commercials and t.v. shows like Family Matters.
Aaliyah was on Star Search at the age of 9, and she auditioned for several record labels.
She also appeared in concert with Gladys Knight Baby Girl Aaliyah was born January 19th 1979 in Brooklyn, New York.
Her mother enrolled her in vocal lessons at a young age so she was singing all of her life.
Before she became a teenager she was already performing at Weddings, Churches and Charity events.
When she was 5 years old her and her family moved to Detroit, Michigan. Personality / Style I honestly think that Aaliyah was a cool layed back person. From the looks of her pictures and videos she seemed so happy. She had this AMAZING voice that everybody loved. I haven't met not one person who said they do not like her music. She had like this smooth jazz thing going on. Aaliyah's Albums / Key Songs Lyrical Analysis Aaliyah - I Care 4 You 1979 -2001 Aaliyah Dana Haughton Aaliyah was an REAL R&B singer, she was influenced by people such as Isley Brothers , Whitney Houston and Marvin Gaye. Aaliyah's style was so freaking dope and can't NOBODY else pull it off like she did. She had this tomboy but still a lady style going on. That's what I think made her really unique and different from other artist. Age Ain't Nothing But A Number (1994)

One In A Million (1996)

Aaliyah (2001) "self entitled'

I Care 4 U (2002)
(dropped after her passing)

Ultimate Aaliyah (2005) Ciara & Keyshia Cole Ciara on Aaliyah - "She was so true to who she was and didn't seem to care about it. The core of her art to me is heavenly, heavenly urban based ." Keyshia Cole on Aaliyah - "When I found out she had passed that night I just cried, That's amazing how someone could have that affect on other people's lives. I think why it affected me so much without me knowing her is because she seemed to have a beautiful soul." www.christianpost.com On August 25, 2001 Aaliyah boarded flight N8097W, she was on her way to Opa-Locka Airport in Florida. Soon after take off about 200 feet from the runway the plane crashed and killed Aaliyah and 7 other passangers in Marsh Harbor, SC. Aaliyah One In A Million I Miss You We Need A Resolution Back & Forth 1979 - 2001 It was a devastating lost for her family friends and fans. Soon after shooting her video to Rock The Boat, Throughout the song Aaliyah is talking about how much she cares for a guy. She wanted to know why did his girlfriend leave him and hurt him the way that she did. She was also telling him that she'll be there for him and won't do him like his ex girlfriend did him. She tells him to hold on and stay strong through the situation and to remember that Aaliyah cares for him. Her final photo. ( she was not dead at the time)
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