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Using Prezi for Library Instruction

Jazz up your Library Instruction sessions with a Prezi presentation.

Stewart Baker

on 20 September 2010

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Transcript of Using Prezi for Library Instruction

Where is
PREZI? ... and zoom way out to get an overview of your entire presentation at once Even PDF files Clickable links! Makes learning easier and more interesting Rote memorization (encouraged by the linear nature of PowerPoint and other slide programs) is not effective. Prezi's potentially nonlinear framework enlivens the learning process by making students sit up
and take note of new information. Prezi also makes it very easy to change your scenery. This is good. Prezi as a (better) alternative to slideshow software for library presentations. Prezi is web-based. Prezi is intuitive. Prezi is live or saved. Freely available at http://prezi.com.
Presentations made with free accounts
are marked with the "prezi" watermark.
Otherwise, there are no restrictions on use.
Educational accounts available! Repetition could make your presentation fade into the background. Questions? Comments? Contact Stewart Baker at sbaker@csudh.edu What is
PREZI? Videos Images Seamlessly insert Prezi uses an 'infinite canvas' to navigate information.

This allows you to break out of sequential boxes... More than just a slideshow How Can
I Use Prezi? But! don't overdo the zooming & spinning or people will be sick! For some (better, more artistic) examples: http://prezi.com/learn/prezi-workflow/ http://prezi.com/learn/10-ways-say-it-prezi/
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