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Milly K-S

on 28 June 2013

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Transcript of Goats

Cute Pictures
My Lecture will be split into 6 parts
History of the Pygmy Goat
The natural behavior
What do they eat?
Goat Facts
The Quiz
West Africa
United States of America
All over the world
Goat pellets
The Quiz
Crude Oils
Vitamin E
Barley Flakes
Sugar Cane
Their Natural Behaviour
Pygmy goats are very good
natured animals.
They love attention and are
adaptable to most climates.
They are very curious animals
and love exploring and
climbing trees!
Pygmy goats are also very flexible and
These are some things that are poisonous for goats:
Holly trees,
Lily of the valley,
Rhododendron and

Pygmy goat facts
Their milk contains 6% more butterfat than any other goat milk
If they are left in the rain without a shelter they will start crying which sounds a bit like a human crying.
Baby goats love to play with round objects such as plastic balls as you can see in the picture.
1. Name two ingredients that are in the Goat Mix?

2. Where do pygmy goats originate from?

3. Which of these are poisonous:
A- Newspaper
B- Ivy
C- Milkweed

4. (pic of goat anatomy)
where are the POLL, HOCK, TAIL

5. what do baby goats love playing with?

6. What type of goat tends to attack?

7. After what you have just listened to what do you think about Pygmy Goats, would you like one?
The History of the Pygmy Goat
Pygmy Goats were originally called Cameroon Dwarf Goat and they came from the French Cameroon Valley of Went Africa where they thrived.
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