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Creative Brief #3

No description

Stephany Jones

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Creative Brief #3

William Pickering 1796-1859 At 14, apprenticed for a London bookseller
and publisher (Quaker Booksellers, John and Arthur Arch) At 24, established own bookshop specializing
in old and rare volumes What did he do? Soon after, began his publishing program Helped the separation between book
design and printing production 1828 William Morris 1861 joined six friends and established the art-decorating firm,Morris, Marshall, Faulkner, and Company.
Teams of craftsman were assembled furniture & cabinet makers weavers & dyers stained glass fabricators potters & tile makers In 1875 the firm reorganized as Morris & Company He also... Commissioned new woodblock ornaments, initials
and illustrations While he was alive, maintained control over format
design, type selections and illustrations He revived Caslon types, which he loved for their
easy to read qualities Diagrams & symbols printed in brilliant primary colors with woodblocks Publish 1,000 copies of each book; 500 in Morocco &
500 in cloth boards (red, magenta or dark blue) Dark blue cloth board [He] had done more than any other single man to raise the standard of book production in all its details, whether of subject matter, typography, or binding (Keynes 41). " && " 1824 1827 1847 1852 1836 Books Published by Pickering Landmark in book design The Elements of Euclid Author said that with this format geometry could be learn in 1/3 of the time Learning was more
permanent Dynamic colors & clean structures foreshadowed
abstract art of 20th century Revived gothic font in the Book of Common Prayer (1844)
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