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chemistry behind rock candy

No description

molly cole

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of chemistry behind rock candy

Two different methods are contributed to the growth of the crystals on the string or stick. Once you've made your sugar solution you've created a super saturated solution by first heating a saturated sugar solution ( a solution in which no more sugar can dissolve at a particular temperature ) and then allowing it to cool. A supersaturated solution is unstable- it contains more solute ( in this case sugar) then can stay in a liquid form - so the sugar will come out of the solution forming whats called precipitation.

The other method is evaporation- as time passes, the water will evaporate slowly from the solution. As the water evaporates,the solution becomes more saturated and sugar molecules will continue to come out of the solution and collect on the seed crystals on the string or stick the rock candy crystals grow molecule by molecule. Your finished rock candy will be made up of about a quadrillion molecules.
What makes crystals grow?
Chemistry behind rock candy
Chemicals in it
-Not the best for your health
-Takes a long time for crystals to form
-Uses a lot of sugar
-A lot of waste
-Not the best for your teeth
-Tastes good
-Easy to make
-Fun to make
-Fun to experiment on
-you can flavor it easily
The two chemical reactions are the sugar dissolving in the boiling water and the crystals forming.
Chemical reactions
Other information
The string or stick will provide the surface on which the crystals will grow. As water evaporates, small crystals of sugar will encrust the string or stick. These tiny seed crystals provide starting points for larger crystals.
Is rock candy a physical or chemical change?
It is a physical change because when sugar and water mix together, they are not forming a new substance, sugar dissolves but does not disappear
Rock candy recipe
Get a medium size saucepan and put 1 cup of water and 3 cups of sugar. Put the sauce pan on the oven and as soon as it starts to boil take it off the heat. Once off the oven you can add flavoring and food coloring (optional). Pour an even amount of the sugar syrup in a couple glass jars then let the syrup cool. dip the sticks in any leftover syrup and then dip that in some white sugar. Once the syrup is cooled suspend the stick in the jar without it touching the sides or the bottom of the jar ( you can suspend the sticks with tape.) leave the stick in the jar for a couple days until crystals have formed. Then take them out and leave them to dry, then they will be ready to eat! ( :
by: molly Cole
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