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Pond Life

No description

Molly Zepp

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Pond Life

Pond Life at Lake Garda Elementary School Life Cycle
of a Dragonfly 2. Nymph 1. Eggs 3. Adult
Dragonfly What do you HEAR? What do you SEE? What do you SMELL? What do you FEEL? DO NOT TASTE! When We Go OUTSIDE: Leaves of 3 I'm your *ribbit* friend,
Mr. Hopkins! Today I'm going to show you my home, Lake Garda Pond. Insects Dragonflies Beetles Flies PLANTS ANIMALS maple leaf poison ivy Frogs Spiders Ladybugs Water Striders Butterflies INSECTS... CAN HAVE ARE INSECTS... CAN HAVE ARE PLANTS... CAN HAVE ARE Ferns Grass Trees Worms Birds grass What Can You TOUCH? Insects Life Cycle
of a Dragonfly 2. Nymph 1. Eggs 3. Adult
Dragonfly Dragonflies Beetles Flies Gnats Spiders Ladybugs Water Striders Butterflies Dandelions Moss Algae Flowers Fish Bunnies Ants Snails Salamanders Let them Be! Have fun and be safe!
But remember to RESPECT nature. These guys are my friends! Hi kids!
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