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WHAP Movie Project

No description

Richard Walsh

on 19 May 2011

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Transcript of WHAP Movie Project

Asael Tuvia Zusia Bielski Brothers Three brothers became victims of the Nazi attack on the Jewish people of Europe as they experienced the loss of their parents and siblings who were removed from their home and executed. Forced to leave their home, they fled to the Belarussian Forest and began to accumulate a village of other Jewish refugees. With survival as their goal, they formed a resistance movement that saved over 1,200 people. Daniel Craig Liev Schreiber Jamie Bell First Impressions Captivated by
historical accuracy Hooked by opening
footage Eye-Opening to the World Around Emotions The Particulars 4 / 5 Stars of David Targeted Audience: Anyone looking for a
good Action, Drama,
History Movie You should watch this movie because it shares a story about Jewish success by Jewish Liberators. All information from this movie is drawn from a book by Nechama Tec. The setting is unclear, and critics claim that it fails to adequately pay tribute to accomplishments of the Bielski brothers because it compressed the final results to a handful of sentences at the end of the movie, but overall it portrayed the historical content accurately. The WHAP Theme that most commonly presents itself in Defiance is the Development and transformation of social structures. This theme is evident through the treatment of Jews by the Nazis and Red Army. Also, the newly created Jewish society abandoned some of their cultural values to survive. WHAP Theme Overall Impact We saw courage and strength in their actions, and we were moved by the statistics presented at the end of the movie. We view this movie as another success story among many defeats when dealing with World War II. Cinematography Dim Lighting Shadows Dark & Dismal Opens up to Bright and
relieving lighting at
the end
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