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Leadership styles at McDonald's

Done by: Abdul Karim Faisal 1047661 (((MGT 522)))

Karimy Faisal

on 22 March 2014

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Transcript of Leadership styles at McDonald's

Friday, March 21, 2014
Supervised by
Dr. Nayyer Samad

Leadership styles at


Leadership styles at



Khalid Al Balushi

Sultan Saeed Al Neyadi
Abdul Karim Faisal Al Hashmi
Fadi Attallah
Mansoor Al Neyadi

MGT 522
Introduction (objective & scope)

Background information

Literature Review

Importance of people over profits

Ten Principles of Personal Leadership

Research method


Conclusion / recommendations

Appendix (Questionnaire)

Why are we writing this report?

Why have we chosen McDonald's?

Participative Leadership style
: Where leaders share decision making with group members.

Autocratic Leadership style
: Where leaders retain most of the authority for themselves.

*Entrepreneurial Leadership style
: It stems from the leader's personal characteristics and circumstances of self-employment

Leadership styles which we have studied in the course
Background information & literature review
McDonald’s is the fastest fast food restaurant chain in the world
It operates in 119 countries around the globe with over 33000 branches worldwide
Main product is selling hamburgers, cheeseburgers,
chicken, French fries and breakfast

McDonald's is the sixth most valuable brand in the world (2011),
with a market capitalization of more than $77 billion.
The methodology and the research methods
McDonald's brothers started with the idea that if you regard employees and customers as human beings, everything else will take care of itself. If you engage your staff as partners (not assets or labor costs), they will achieve results beyond what is thought possible.
1) Know Who You Are: Wear one hat.

2) Know Why you’re Here

3) Think Independently: The Person who sweeps the floor should choose the broom.

4) Build Trust: Care, like You Really Mean It.

5 Listen for the Truth: The Walls Talk.

6. Be Accountable: Only the Truth Sounds like the Truth.

7. Take Action: Think like a Person of Action, and Act like a Person of Thought

8. Face Challenge: We Are Human Beings First

9. Practice Leadership: The Big Noise and the Still, Small Voice

10. Dare to Dream: Say "Yes," the Most Powerful Word in the World

Results Analysis
Leadership & Communication
Participative leadership style


 www.mcdepk.com
 Principles of Leadership, Andrew J. DuBrin, 7th Edition
 www.inc.com
 www.mcdonalds.com
 wikipedia.org
 www.bizjournals.com
*Was established by the McDonald's brothers,
Ray Kroc
bought the rights of McDonald’s Concept from the brothers
Group "D"
*To go for the maturity of the employees if they don’t agree with discussion made by the leader of McDonald's.

*To listen to the opinions of the employees for their problems first, so he can know what does the employees like to hear from the leader.
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