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Analysis of Catch The Moon

No description

Jess $mith

on 8 October 2014

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Transcript of Analysis of Catch The Moon

Cofer, Judith Ortiz. An island like you: stories of the barrio. New York: Orchard Books, 1995. Print.
Setting-"Luis Cintron sits on top of a six-foot pile of hubcaps and watches his father walk away into the steel jungle of his car junkyard."

Point of view-"Now Luis is wondering whether he should have stayed in and done his full time." (3rd Person omniscient)

Character Development Quotes
Luis-(beginning) "He is the "Son" of Jorge Cintron & Son, and so far his father has had more than one reason to wish it was plain Jorge Cintron on the sign.
(ending) "Luis held on to the thick branch and waited to give her [Naomi] the first good thing he gad given anyone in a long time."
Conflict Quotes
Self Conflict-"After that, all he recalled was the anger that had made him punch a hole in his bedroom wall"

Socity Conflict-"That's what I'm doing right? Working my hands to the bone isntead of enjoying my summer. But listen, she didn't put me under house arrest, right?......He was always doing something wrong."
Student Analysis
Author-Judith Ortiz Cofor

Relation to the story- She is Latino.
She grew up in Puerti Rico.
She was a teacher.

Story Information
The Universe of the story-Writen in the 1990's. However, the universe this was written for, can pertain to any time period in any given future.

The Theme- The story gives an example of a troubled teenager trying to figure out how things work in life. As teenagers, we can easily relate to this. Cofer commonly wrote about troubled latino teenagers.
Analysis of Catch The Moon
Structural Quotes
Jorge Cintron-"It was then that Luis suddenly noticed how gray his [Father] hair had turned-it used to be shiny black like his own-and that there were deep lines in his face. His father had turned into an old man and he hadn't even noticed."
Naomi Ramirez-"She was like a smooth wood carving, her skin waas mahogany,almost black,and her arms were long and thin...He [Luis] had forgotten to breathe"
Mother Cintron-"Luis's mother had died almost three years ago, from cancer."
Literary Devices

1. The title is an example of a Metaphor-"Catch The Moon". The moon symbolizes the hubcap Luis is looking for in the story.

2.An example of a Hyperbole-"The old lady with a million cats was a light sleeper".

3.An example of Imagry-"And sweeps his arms like the Pope blessing a crowd over the piles of car sandwhiches and mounds of metal parts."

4.An example of an Illusion-"Like the Pope blessing a crowd."

5.An example of a Euphemism-"He is the "Son" of Jorge Cintron &Son, and ao far his father had had more than reason to wishit was plain Jorge Cintron on the sign."

Liteary Terms
6.An example of Metonymy-"Luis, the senorita here has lost a wheel cover."

7.An example of an Idiom-"Luis washed hubcaps all day until his hands were red and raw."

8.An example of a Cliche-"Paractice makes perfect"

9.An example of a Paradox-"Nothing she had ever owned could be thrown away."

10.An example of an Apostrophe-"Mami, I Miss you."
Over all, The group has come to the conclusion that the use of literary elements and real life situations, accurately displays Rhetoric. We all liked that the author wrote in a relatively understandable connatitive perspective. We would reccomend the use of "Catch the Moon", in the curriculum for a sophomore level of learning.
Works Cited
Thanks for listening!
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