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Shrek Archetypes

No description

Jasmine Williams

on 8 September 2013

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Transcript of Shrek Archetypes

SHREK: Happily Ever After
In the First Shrek Movie, Shrek is tasked with getting his swamp back from the fairy tale creatures that Lord Farquaad had sent.
In the first Shrek movie, Shrek goes out on a adventure to find and rescue Princess Fiona for Lord Farquaad.
In the beginning, Shrek is portrayed as a mean ogre , but as the movie goes on, you tend to look at him as a hero. He begins to show that he can overcome the stereotypical image others have of him of being mean and starts caring for others. And in the end, he gets to save the women of his dreams from evil Lord Farquaad.
The Task
The Quest
The Hero
Black-When Shrek goes to rescue Princess Fiona, the castle is black which foreshadows that something evil is inside.
Green- Shrek's skin is green which means envy because he is envious of Lord Farquaad stealing his women.
Shrek and Donkey face many challenges together such as defeating a dragon, fighting soldiers, and rescuing a princess from a fire breathing dragon.
Hunting Group of Companions
Number 3
In Shrek 2, Shrek decides to go to Fiona's fairy god mother and see if she could give him a potion to help him and Fiona live "happily ever after"
Supernatural Intervention
Skeletons usually represent mortality. When Shrek and Donkey saw bones and skeletons scattered around the castle in the first Shrek movie, they knew that this adventure was going to be a dangerous one.
Object: Skeleton
In Shrek 3, Shrek and Fiona are to become King and Queen of Far Far Away until Shrek feels like he is not fit to be a King
Ritual Ceremony
In Shrek 3, Prince Charming persuades many fairy tale villains into fighting for their "happily ever after".
The Villians
Shrek and Fiona are from two different worlds so they can't be together, but in the end they figure out that love is what is in the inside and not what's on the outside.
Star-Crossed Lovers
In the beginning of Shrek 1, Shrek comes off as a ugly, unfriendly beast that everyone is tarried of. But in the end, he shows that he does have a heart and that he is not selfish.
Friendly Beast
In the first Shrek movie, there are three bachelorettes that Lord Farquaad can choose from. Because the number means life and spirit and Princess Fiona is the third bachelorette, She is expected to be full of life and spirit.
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