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Cooperative e-book cataloging @ OhioLINK

Ohio Valley Group of Technical Services Libraries 2011 Conference

Carrie Preston

on 11 October 2011

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Transcript of Cooperative e-book cataloging @ OhioLINK



committee> small collection assign to a single
institution large collection good vendor
records bad/no vendor
records assign to a single
institution assign to a single
*high-staff* institution assign to
a single
*high tech skill*
institution divide
by skill level divide equivalent work
among institutions it doesn't mean just PCC and OCLC! catalogers from one or more institutions
work together voluntarily
with some level of formal agreement
to create records for all to share 89 member institutions
mostly academic libraries
consortial union catalog
purchases/leases ebook collections as of January 2011:
purchased over 50,000 ebooks
leases over 10,000 ebooks skills utilized "traditional" cataloging skills
title-by-title OCLC searching
simple batch searching (e.g. by ISBN)
piecemeal cataloging (original, copy)
hand authority work
hi-tech skills
generating complex batch search keys
batch editing records: MarcEdit, OCLC Macro Language, real programming languages...
merging data via load profiling < collections are too large to do it all with "traditional" skills > carrie preston
ohio university libraries
prestonc@ohio.edu OVGTSL 2011 catalog
architecture e-book records need to be in at least one member's local catalog
other members can load locally if they want
"separate records" approach (as far as consortial catalog) consortial catalog = combined records of member libraries database
management &
committee "maintains quality standards for the consortial catalog. creates metadata policies and procedures for all members to follow. consists of cataloging librarians." official membership = 24 catalogers from member libraries + OhioLINK staff member
anyone can participate
open meetings (webcast)
open listserv why not use
vendor records? not available ohiolink policies
make them
less desirable <ohiolink prefers purchased
ebooks to be hosted in the
ohiolink ebook center --
which uses custom urls
that the vendor can't supply> poor quality factors to consider in designing each project vendor
available? oclc
available? for the ebooks?
for alternate manifestations (print)? high
quality? ...for the situation?
(require subject headings for poetry?)
(leased books need lower quality than purchased?) how hard
to retrieve? how hard
to edit? division of labor possible pathways to record creation vendor
available? NO YES find/create
in WorldCat are they
records? use as is
or with
changes are they of
quality? retrieve from
and enhance upload to
contribute NO NO YES YES START END ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? END END END ??? challenges too dependent on specific people
(especially for hi tech) lack of documentation unclear deadlines/expections internal fairness project fragility external RDA catalog
changes mobile ebooks patron driven ebooks cooperative e-book cataloging in the ohiolink library consortium case study 1: chadwyck healey literature collections <2003>
ohiolink buys
11,000+ ebooks
(15 collections)
loaded into EBC <by 2004>
DMSC had
been asked
"several times"
to catalog vendor records
available, but
not to standard
worried about completeness initial plan:
work on one collection ("english poetry")
ohiolink IT extract EBC metadata into Excel problems with initial plan
problems extracting data
instructions unclear
# volunteers unclear
no timeline
searching w/o isbns slow
<dec 2007>:
moratorium called with only a fraction cataloged <march 2010>
FINISHED! rumors of an OCLC collection set
oclc taking too long to produce it
wrong URL for us
hard to isolate titles ohiolink bought
<spring 2008>
we decide to catalog them ourselves the plan:
generate e-book records from the print book records
yes, this was a bad idea with chadwyck-healey, but...
these have isbn's and good records in WorldCat case study 2: springer backfile <late 2007>
ohiolink buys
13,000+ ebooks
loaded into EBC <summer 2008>
first record sets distributed <spring 2011>
backlog nearly
finished vendor records available, but
not to standard
lack subject headings This presentation is based on an article submitted for consideration in the journal Cataloging & Classification Quarterly [2011] [copyright Taylor & Francis]; Cataloging & Classification Quarterly is available online at:
http://www.informaworld.com/smpp/0163-9374 <legalese> </legalese> Klukeart@IconArchive office.microsoft.com/images "cooperative cataloging" angel:Icon Icon@IconArchive
devil:Arrioch@IconArchive librarian & robot:office.microsoft.com/images books&cubilclefarm:office.microsoft.com/images initial plan con't:
divide titles among many volunteers
individually search OCLC for print version records <spring 2009>
vendor records not so bad after all
user services folks asked to prioritize collections new plan:
divide small collections among low tech volunteers for traditional piecemeal cataloging
divide large collections among hi tech volunteers for batch processing (using vendor records as base) heart:Klukeart@iconarchive the plan <1>
EBC metadata extracted into Excel
one volunteer institution augments spreadsheet (adding print ISBNs) the plan <II>
second volunteer (me!) uses spreadsheets + Microsoft VBA to construct complex batch search keys
runs batch searches
cleans results sets the plan <III>
third volunteer generates e-book records from print version records using hi-tech processes initial plan con't:
pass print book records to hi tech volunteer
create ebook records in batch office.microsoft.com/images this presentation: http://prezi.com/lgc9vm86tbgj/ new plan con't:
include "medium" tech/willing-to-learn volunteers
provide documentation & tech support provider neutral recommendations technology training!
documentation of all processes
clear statements of expections (including timelines)
engage volunteers' supervisors
recognize efforts acknowledgements meg spernoga
<ohiolink> jeffrey trimble
<youngstown state university>
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