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Training and Development


on 14 April 2011

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Transcript of BUS460 HRM

Development Why T&D? Jennifer Rawsthorn: "Nokia has always viewed staff development as key to business success..." Net of T&D Entities Anytime, Anywhere! HR Development Department in every key office
Head T&D office
Learning Market Place
Nokia Academy
Mentoring and Reverse Mentoring Programs
Class learning programs
True Nokia Leader Competitive global business environment Competitive global business environment
People = Most valuable asset

Minimal improvements in skills -->
Major positive developments

Positive effect on the retention rate

Helps to keep talents Positive impact on generating revenues

Reduction of overall cost

Motorola Study $1 $30 70 20 10 On-the-job learning Mentoring Class Learning Performance Evaluation Samsung web site: “Human resources are the most important asset for corporate success.” ? A bit of history... A Chicago-based company that started with the
production of plug-in devices for radios.
The creators of walkie-talkie and the first cellular phone (DynaTac 8000X).
Lost its lead to Nokia in 1990s.
Bounced back with its super-slim line of RAZR phones. Motorola T&D A symbol of a company that invests in its employees
Three main directions of T&D:
57% in class-room training/e-learning
38% in education assistance
5 % in executive education
Shift-away from classroom training to e-learning
Encourages experiential training Educational Programs Educational Assistance

Seminars and conferences

Progressive educational tools
(podcasts, knowledge sharing communities, social networking) Ulad Boyan
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