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Story Review

No description

Chelsea Smith

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Story Review

Stories Keeping Healthy 100. What usually accompanies a cold? A. a severe cough
B. a moderate cough
C. a high fever
D. serious body aches 200. What is the fourth paragraph mostly about? F. Flu
G. Colds
H. Sore Throats
J. Pneumonia 300. What is bronchitis related to? A. taking antibiotics
B. a virus
C. bacteria
D. the flu 400. Reading this passage would probably be most useful for whom? F. doctors
G. nurses
H. public health officials
J. the general public 500. Which is an opinion expressed in the passage? A. A cold is a minor viral infection.
B. The patient usually suffers for five to seven days.
C. The flu does not respond to anitbiotic medicines.
D. You are going to feel miserable. Why Should You Join the Gymnastics Team? 100. Which fact is expressed in the passage? A. We have a proud tradition of academic
and athletic excellence.
B. The gymnastics team is one of our finest
C. Some of our team members have taken
D. Our practices are conveniently scheduled. 200. Who donates the uniforms for the team? F. the school
G. the coach
H. a parent group
J. a sporting goods store 300. What is the fifth paragraph
mostly about? A. the skills gymnastics learn
B. the schedule for practices
C. the competitive aspects of gymnastics
D. what a student must do to be on the team 400. What can you tell about
William "Buddy" McBainfrom the selection? F. He is a student.
G. He is a coach.
H. He is a teacher.
J. He is a parent. 500. What is the author's
purpose for writing this passage? A. to praise the members of the gymnastics team
B. to encourage student to cheer for the team
C. to encourage students to join the team
D. to describe a gymnastics meet The Immigrant Experiance 100. From which country the the narrator's father emigrate? A. Russia
B. Germany
C. France
D. England 200. What is the third paragraph mostly about? F. a German-Jewish immigrant
G. crooks who preyed on immigrants
H. Ellis Island Immigration Station
J. the writer's father 300. What caused the German-Jewish immigrant to be so nervous? A. He was carrying a large sum of money.
B. He was fleeing from the police.
C. He was smuggling illegal goods.
D. He was using false papers. 400. What relationship does Jake Baum have to the author? F. friend
G. father
H. grandfather
J. son 500. What does the quotation from the Italian immigrant demonstrate? A. the misunderstandings that many immigrants had
B. the courage and persistence fo immigrants
C. how difficult it was to get admitted to the United States
D. why immigration agents didn't trust immigrants George Washington 100. Which happen first in the story? A. George could not bring himself to lie to his father.
B. Mr. Washington saw what had happen to his tree.
C. Mr. Washington had George wait in the house.
D. George tried his new hatchet. 200. Which is the best summary of this passage? F. George Washington is said to have told the truth, even as a boy.
G. George Washington learned the price of disobedience.
H. Children did not always have the same rights as they do today.
J. Mr. Washington knew his son would become a great man. 300. What lesson did George
probably learn from the events
in this story? A. Fight for the things that you believe are important.
B. Never volunteer for anything.
C. Word hard and play hard.
D. Honesty is the best policy. 400. What does the passage imply
about the events in the story? F. They never really happend.
G. They were made up by the author.
H. They are possible true.
J. They are based on historical records. 500. What does the author give you reason to believe about George Washington? A. He would display the same courage and honesty when president.
B. He would never disobey his father again.
C. He regretted telling his father the truth.
D. He grew to hate cherry trees.
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