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Summer Vacation Client

No description

Cindy Thaung

on 4 August 2010

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Transcript of Summer Vacation Client

Summer Vacation Client
Cindy Thaung HOPE Skill-Related Fitness Project About the Client Overall Health The client was an active athlete
during her high school years, but
found the hassles of college, a
new career, and parenting left her
with little time for exercise. The
client remains generally healthy,
but hopes to recover at least some
of the vigor she possessed years ago. Strengths The client exhibits a sense of enthusiasm and willingness to accomplish her goals. She has a strong sense of focus and is well acquainted with the basics of fitness. She has previously participated in activities such as rock-climbingand crew, which provide a foundation for future training. Weaknesses The client has not been physically active
in several years. Therefore, she needs to
improve her overall level of fitness,
especially in the areas necessitated by
her trip. These include agility, balance,
power, and reaction time, and will all be
especially useful in the challenges the
client will encounter. Client Evaluation Agility The client needs to sharpen her agility in order to climb amongst
dangerous and free-falling rocks andalso to maneuver through tight
spots along rivers. Balance The client must work to improve her sense of balance,which is imperative when hiking and climbing from great heights or working to keep watercraft afloat. Coordination The client has an excellent sense of coordination to begin with. She will need to maintain this skill so she can participate in various activities with ease and composure. Power The client needs improvement on her power. Power will be an important skill for enduring the harsh conditions that each activity presents. Reaction Time The client's reaction time is good, but can be refined. The client should work to achieve the best reaction time possible, since quick responses can save one from danger in such fast-paced activities as whitewater rafting. Speed The client's speed could use improvement. None of the activities planned for the client are competitive in nature, but some, such as whitewater rafting, are considerably fast-paced. Itinerary Week One The first challenge is to climb Pikes Peak via the Barr Trail. The trail is 12 miles long and the most difficult trail in the region due to its distance as well as its elevation of 7,000 feet. Hiking the Barr Trail will require the cultivation of balance skills to maneuver past difficult and rocky terrain, as well as power to be able to endure such a physically draining trail. Week Two Arapahoe Basin offers one of the longest skiing seasons in Colorado, as well as a 13,050 foot mountain. To participate in this activity, the client must master the skills of balance in order to stay upright on the skis and agility to dodge any obstacles on the slope. Week Three Another activity planned on the itinerary horseback riding along the Rocky Mountains. This challenge will require a quick reaction time in order to respond quickly to obstacles along the trail and guide the horse safely and effectively. Week Four The last activity in Colorado is whitewater rafting in the Royal Gorge. To do so successfully, the client will need coordination to be able guide the watercraft safely along rushing waters. The client will also need agility to avoid hazards in the water. Exercises Wall Ball Drop & Catch The Snake *Have a second person drop a ball from shoulder height.
*Sprint and catch the ball before its second bounce.
*Repeat with the second person standing in various areas.
*Start in any static position, such as lying down, sitting, or standing. *Set up 6-8 cones about a meter apart in a straight line.
*Weave through the cones, then turn back to the starting point.
*Repeat the exercise, varying speed and distance between cones. One-Legged Kick *Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Raise your left leg behind you parallel to the ground as you raise your arms forward.
*Simultaneously, bend your right knee and come to a standing position.
*Repeat with your other side. *Stand in front of a wall with a basketball. Begin by throwing the basketball in front of the wall and catching it as a warmup, using your dominant hand.
*After getting warmed up, throw the basketball against the wall with only one hand. Each time it bounces back, push it back against the wall (without catching it) using the fingertips of the same hand you threw it with.
*Repeat with your non-dominant hand. Training Principles Reversibility Specificity Progression Overload Tedium The training program is tailored to meet the specific demands of each challenge the client will encounter while vacationing in Colorado. Each drill is designed to refine skills that will ensure the client's success in each activity. The training plan will be implemented weeks before the vacation, giving time for the client to gradually accustom herself to the exercises and avoid risk of injury from overexertion. The exercises designed for the client will take the client outside of her comfort zone and eventually condition her to the type of physical activity detailed in the itinerary. The training plan does not allow for extended periods of sedentariness. This means that the client will not risk losing the effects of her training by the time the vacation begins. The different exercises will provide variety in the client's workout routine, preventing any boredom. The exercises also work various muscle groups, ensuring that overuse injuries do not occur. Map & Geography 1 2 3 4 Pike's Peak has an elevation of 14,000 feet as well as rocky and unsteady terrain. The Arapahoe Basin area has one of the longest ski seasons in the state. The sloping terrain remains snowy for the majority of the year. The Rocky Mountains area makes up the largest portion of the state. The land as a whole is rugged and scrubby. The Royal Gorge is steep and rocky, with swerving streams and rushing waters. Clothing & Equipment Skiing Skiing will require protective eyewear, a helmet, skis and ski poles, boots, a hat, a windproof jacket, gloves, warm trousers, a scarf, and a thermal shirt. Climbing Climbing will require equipment such as carabiners, a harness, a day pack, rope, climbing shoes, and a helmet. Clothing should be as light as possible. Rafting Rafting requires an inflatable raft, oars, a helmet, a life preserver, and clothes that dry quickly. Horseback Riding Horseback riding at this level requires shoes with heels, a riding hat, chaps, and jeans. Equipment such as saddles, bridles, bits, and spurs will be available on site.
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