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Cold War Timeline

No description

Erica Ortega

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of Cold War Timeline

Yalta Conference Meeting with the big 3 Atomic Bomb Drops Showed the USSR how strong the USA was The Cold War The Breakdown of the Treaty of the WWII Alliance U.S.A v. U.S.S.R 1945-1991 Truman Doctrine 1947 Declared foreign policy of the U.S to assist any communist country Iron Curtain Speech Changed the way the democratic view the communist Berlin Airlift Marrshall Plan
It preventeed a reprise of horrible economic depression stalin imposed a land blockage of berlin in June 1948 he was trying to gain power and get more land 1946 Formation of N.A.T.O 1949 Many countries feard the spread of communism in Europe. Formed Nato to protect any countries who needed it after the war. McCarthyism 1940 Trying to stop communism and facism Korean war 1950 Democracy vs. Communism fought in Korea Creation of KGB 1947 Formed to find info on foreign countries to help prepare for invasion for foreign countries. Sputnik First rocket launched by Soviets......scared the U.S because shows they are strong Bay of Pigs 1961 A plan to overthrow a goverment in cuba, hated castro ........failed miserably 1962 Cuban missile crisis Berlin Blockade 1948 Soviet Blockade BErlin making it the first crisis of the cold war Mao Zedong takes over China 1949 Made china a communism state Gulf of Tonkin Resolution 1964 It gave America more power affairs Cuba Taken over by Fidel 1959 Made cuba a communist state Warsaw Pact 1955 Mutual defense treaty fora communist state SALT I Signed 1969 Slowed down the nuclear arms race SALT II It put into agreemaent another strategy to ease and slow tension 1979 Iran-Contra Affair 1985 They supplying weapons illegally to communist gov Apollo 11 lands on the moon 1969 GAve america back the edge in space technology President Reagan- strategic defense initiative 1983 Garuanteed America to have strike quick ability Soviet troops withdraw from Afghanistan 1989 Soviets Withdrew all troop followin U.N demand Berlin Walls Falls 1989 United Germany again after two decades apart Castro 1926 young cuban union lawyer who turn cuba to a cuba to a communist Creations of C.I.A 1997 led to the super power countries establishing agencies Vietnam War 1945 America tried to weed out communism un vietnam the missle crisis almost led ther world to the brink of WWII
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