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Tommie Whitaker

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Safety

Automotive Safety Occupational Safety and Health Administration Created in 1971.
"to assure safe and healthful working conditions for working men and women by setting and enforcing standards and by providing training, outreach, education and assistance." Ladder Safety Keep exit doors and walkways clean and free of obstructions. During a fire, a blocked exit door could result in death Slip and fall accidents are a common cause of injuries. They can be prevented by keeping the floor clean and slip resistant. What could cause our shop floor to be slippery? Exhaust evacuation Automotive exhaust should be evacuated from the shop anytime a car is running. Automotive exhaust contains Carbon Monoxide (CO), a poisonous gas that is colorless and has no odor. Hazardous Materials Defined as materials and wastes that pose a danger to human health and the environment. List some examples of hazardous materials that we may come in contact with in the shop. The Environmental Protection Agency or EPA develops and enforces regulations protecting the land, air, and water. Fire Extinguisher A fire extinguisher is a portable container filled with a fire retardant material. How many fire extinguishers do we have in the shop? Where are they located? Fire Emergency Plan Includes the location of fire exits, where employees should meet outside, and what is expected of each person. Fire Prevention Do not smoke around gasoline or other flammable materials. Clean up any spills from flammable materials immediately. If transfering fuel or flammable liquids, use an OSHA approved holding tank and grounding strap. Store all flammables and combustibles in a fire resistant cabinet. Spontaneous Combustion is a fire caused by a chemical reaction with no spark. This can be caused by oil soaked rags not being stored in a fire proof container. click play to watch the video MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet an information sheet that identifies chemicals and their components, health and safety problems associated with the chemical. Safety Signs Red is used for danger and fire protection equipment signs Yellow means caution Orange indicates warning PPE Personal Protective Equipment equipment worn by workers to protect against hazards in the environment. Eye Protection Approximately 1,000 eye injuries occur every day in the workplace. Eye Safety

A worker wearing safety glasses was using a grinder with a wire wheel to clean some metal. He stopped grinding, took his glasses off and saw a spot he had missed. He picked up the wire wheel and turned it back on but failed to put his safety glasses on. A loose strand flew up from the spinning wire wheel and hit him squarely in his left eye. He was taken to a local medical centre where they performed surgery some four hours later to remove the wire. During his recovery he swallowed vomit into his lungs and was placed into intensive care for a day. He was released from hospital after 3 days and is expected to make a full medical recovery but will require either glasses or contact lenses to correct his vision. The following photograph will make the ophthalmology text books, the wire strand had punctured his eye to a depth of 13mm.
Lesson Learned:
This incident will convince you to wear your PPE or nothing will.
This is an extreme case where failure to use eye protection could have been life threatening. Wear protective eye devices to prevent eye injuries. Safety glasses must be worn in the shop. Steel-toed shoes will protect feet from heavy objects. Slip-resistant soles will offer protection from slips and falls. Oil-resistant soles will not deteriorate when exposed to petroleum based products. Closed toe shoes must be worn in our shop. Hand and arm protection should be worn to prevent cuts and burns. Ear Protection Ergonomics is the study of workplace design. It studies the tools used, the lighting, and the type of movements required by the employee on the job. Preventing back injuries Lift with your legs, not your back. Emergency response to Injuries If someone is injured, notify your supervisor at once. Every repair facility must have a set procedure for emergencies. Avoiding blood borne pathogens A pathogen is something that causes a disease. Blood borne pathogens are microorganisms such as the hepatitis B virus and the HIV virus, which causes AIDS. Pathogens are found in the blood of people infected with the virus. Avoid contact with blood or other bodily fluids. Do not give first aid to a person unless you have been properly trained. Keep hand tools clean and in good condition. Wipe tools clean before and after each use. Make sure that all extension cords are the three wire grounded type Make sure the three-pronged plug is used in a grounded receptacle. Machine guards should remain in place and not removed or bypassed. Safety glasses are still required when operating equipment with machine guards. A pneumatic tool is powered by compressed air. They are commonly referred to as air tools. Always carry a pneumatic tool by its frame or handle. Do not carry the tool by the attached compressed air hose. Pneumatic tools Routinely check air hoses for leaks and damage. Repair immediately. A Lift Point is a place on the vehicle frame where a lift, floor jack, or safety stand can be placed. Lift points are different on each vehicle, and are different between full frame vehicles and uni-body vehicles. Only Trained Technicians should operate a lift Never lift a vehicle while someone is working under it. When using a floor jack, safety stands (jack stands) should always be placed under the vehicle to securely support the vehicle. To prevent sparks from broken bulbs, use a fluorescent tube drop light. If a bulb cage is used, always use a shatterproof bulb. Lift Safety Work Safely in the shop!!!!
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