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Copy of Plot diagram for short story

No description

jacob peterson

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Plot diagram for short story

synopsis conflicts literary climax falling action resolution
In space
On ship Salvation
1,000 years into the future
Takes place over a variety of times and days
While the ship Salvation is researching, some aliens brake free from containment cells and attempt to take over the ship.
Once the aliens break lose, the ship is plunged into conflict against the aliens
When more aliens arrive, it is apparent the humans are doomed.
The aliens crash the ship on an unknown planet
The crew is forced to take the fight to the ground in one final struggle against the aliens
John makes a brave move to save the survivors by manually activating the self destruct feature on the crashed ship so that all the aliens die and the survivors have time to get away.
The crew escapes, but they are stranded on the planet and must survive
The crew returns to the wreckage to try to salvage a escape pod to leave the planet
The crew returns to the home base of the army, but they are sad because john is dead protagonist minor character(s) Antagonist The crew returns to the main base saddened. They discover that John made it back alive. They all embrace their leader.
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