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Nordstrom Case Study

No description

on 15 December 2014

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Transcript of Nordstrom Case Study

Nordstrom Case Study
History of Nordstroms
John W. Nordstrom
1901 Wallin & Nordstrom shoe store
1960 eight stores in Washington and Oregon
Expanded to Womens Clothing
1971 Nordstrom went public and changed name
1973 Nordstrom Rack opens as a clearance outlet
2014 Nordstrom goes global in Canada
Apparel, Shoes, Cosmetics, and Accessories
SWOT Analysis
Competitors and Differentiation
Nordstrom's Brand
Target Markets
Female Shoppers Between 20 and 50
Loyal Shoppers are Females 35 to 75
Nordstrom Website Targets Younger Shoppers
Attract Customers Through All Stages of Life
Conclusion & Recommendations
Unique Designers and Suppliers
Nordstrom Rack
Global Expansion
Brand Positioning
Customer Service / Return Policy
Brand Name / Brand Equity
Unique Products
Innovative Culture
Size Advantages / Cost Advantages
Pricing Power
Customer Loyalty
Supply Chain
Strong Management
Online Growth
Increasing Receivables

High Debt Burden

Global Presence
Financial Markets
New Services
British Collaboration
Canadian Expansion
Brick and Mortar Growth
Online Growth

Bargain Bin?
Changing Consumer Tastes

Competitive Environment


Substitute Products
High End
Superior Customer Service
Large Stores
Positive Shopping Experience
Nordstrom Rack
Discounted Price
Full-Line, Nordstrom Rack, or Online
Different Customers
Comparable to Industry
Prices Sensitive to How Industry Acts
Nordstrom Rack has Discounted Prices
Selective Advertising
No Coupons
Other Promotions
Gifts and Discounts on 2 for 1
July Anniversary Sale
Holiday Commercials
Competitors and Strategies
Industry: Retail
Sub-Industry: Department Stores
Sears Holding Corp
Kohl's Corp
JC Penney Co
Dillard's Inc
Saks Inc
Differentiation Strategies
-Customer-Centric Selling
-Hiring Nurturers
-Return Policy
-Store Layout
-High-Quality at Premium Prices
-Customer is #1
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