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Family and Community Engagement Plan

No description

Molly Rosier

on 3 June 2015

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Transcript of Family and Community Engagement Plan

4 -
Family and Community Engagement Plan
Molly Rosier
EDU 695 - MAED Capstone
Professor Kathleen Lunsford
June 3, 2015
Mossy Creek Elementary School
This plan has been designed to assist our staff with establishing positive school-home-community engagements. This plan has been designed, specifically, to assist our teachers and staff with establishing positive rapports with families who have 4K and 5K children enrolled into our EC classrooms.
Our Family & Community Engagement
Developmental & Learning Outcomes
In regard to Developmental and Learning Outcomes, the NAEYC (in conjunction with the NAECS/SDE) has created a list of essential features that should be present within all early learning standards; this list will act as our guide (teachers and staff) when we are attempting to create ideal conditions within our program that are conducive to student success.
Visit this link for more information regarding Developmental and Learning Outcomes

Food and Financial Assistance Programs:
Our Lady of the Valley - job training courses, GED courses, ESL classes www.olvcenter.org (803) 593-2623
St. Vincent de Paul of St. Mary Help of Christians Catholic Church - stmarys-aiken.org (803) 642-3211
Aiken Salvation Army - www.salvationarmycarolinas.org/aiken
United Way of Aiken - book bag program for school preparedness www.uwaiken.org
Community Ministry of North Augusta (CMONA) - home.comcast.net/~community.ministry/
Weatherization Program - administered by the Aiken/Barnwell Community Action Commission, Inc. www.needhelppayingbills.com/html/aiken_barnwell_community_actio.html
Aiken Telamon Corporation (Migrant Services) - assistance is given to qualified migrant workers for rent, security deposits, and other aide. www.needhelppayingbills.com/html/aiken_barnwell_community_actio.html
Golden Harvest Food Bank - provides food for members within the CSRA https://goldenharvest.org
Children's Place, Aiken - provides parents with parenting courses and provides assistance with obtaining and filling out WIC information
Give a Kid a SMILE program - provided by Aiken Technical College - provides low income families with free dental care for their children www.atc.edu/P751.aspx?id=afb307a-9944-47f7-9181-109a18a31c37
Family Y Youth Development Initiative, Aiken, SC
Including Children with Special Needs
Strategies for Working With Families of Children With Disabilities ...
Working with Diverse Families
"One of the most important gifts that we can give our children is to help them feel good about the uniqueness of their family and help them learn to accept, respect, and include people whom they may experience as 'different'" (Bright Horizons, 2014, para. 1).
Community Outreach:
Facilitating & Connecting with Community Organizations
"For family and community connections with schools to be effective, schools, in collaboration with families and community members, have to create a structure that encourages and supports family and community members in their efforts to support student academic performance"
(Ferguson, 2005, p. 24).
Here at MCE, we believe that all people, regardless of their ages, race, genders, sexual preferences, socioeconomic statuses, or cultural backgrounds, should be respected, appreciated, and allowed to play active roles within their child's educational experiences.
"Although teachers and schools influence children's behavior in significant ways, their learning behaviors and viewpoints are also affected by their families, immediate community, and forces in the larger society" (Barbour, Barbour & Scully, 2011, p. 4)
Upon understanding the profound effects that parent involvement has on young children, our staff will then begin to utilize strategies that will assist us with establishing positive and trusting relationships with each of YOU (our students' families).
Effective Early Learning Standards:
1 - emphasize significant, developmentally appropriate content and outcomes
2 - are developed and reviewed through informed, inclusive processes
3 - gain their effectiveness through implementation and assessment practices that support ALL children's development in ethical, appropriate ways
4 - require a foundation of support for early childhood programs, professionals, and families

(Ray, Pewitt-Kinder & George, 2009, p. 2).
1 - Understand the child's family life
2 - Learn about the child's disability
3 - Communicate FREQUENTLY with the child's family
"Listening to families is key when working with parents in supporting the learning and development of their child with special needs"
Types of Involvement
1 - Foster Parent Skills
2 - Promote Shared Decision-Making
3 - Expand Family, Community, and School Communication
4 - Coordinate Resources and Services
5 - Foster Volunteer Support
6 - Support Youth Development
7 - Support Learning Outside of School
8 - Expand Community Development
(Ferguson, 2005, p. 20)
Ways that YOU can become involved:
1 -
2 -
3 -
5 -
Listen up, parents and families!!!
We need YOU
(parents and community members) to help us with providing our students with the educational experiences that they deserve!
The entire staff at MCE strives to do the following AT ALL TIMES:
1 - recognize different parenting styles and family boundaries
2 - avoid stereotypes
3 - recognize that for some families EVERYTHING is a family affair
4 - balance children's activities and curriculum to incorporate both individual and group identity
5 - respect ALL families' need for control
(Christian, 2006, p. 3)
* Povide programs for parents that include academic classes, literacy training, career preparation, early childhood education, children's health, and assistance in finding helpful services in the community
*Identify appropriate funding sources or raise funds to support any number of our school's programs
*Offer programs throughout the year via cultural institutions, parks and recreation, or other public and private agencies
*Meet with our staff to determine what support can be offered to advance the school's objectives
*Advocate for our school and our school's programs by writing letters to editors of local newspapers or by speaking at community forums on our behalf
(EDC, 2001, para. 6)
Actions for Community Members
List of Community Resources
Local Libraries
*Warrenville Public Library District -

*Midland Valley Public Library -

*Nancy Carson Library, North Augusta - www.abbe-lib.org/northaugusta/index.asp

*Aiken County Library -

All of the above mentioned libraries also provide community members with free internet/wifi access.
Several programs are offered via the Aiken County School District:
*ESOL services *Autism services *OT/PT Therapies *Hearing Impaired Services *Adult Ed. courses and training opportunities *Homebound Services *Reading Recovery *Speech-Language Services *An array of services for students with special needs
More information about these services can be found at: acps.schoolfusion.us
For information regarding federal programs that are offered by the Aiken County School District, please visit: federal-programs.acps.schoolfusion.us
Thank you all so very much for your time! We look forward to working with you all in the very near future! Together, we can make a difference!
MCE's faculty and staff will continuously:
(Ray, Pewitt-Kinder & George, 2009, pp. 19 & 20)

The following plan displays student mastery of ALL 9 PLOs...
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