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Murder Mystery Dinner

No description

Brian Irwin

on 16 April 2016

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Transcript of Murder Mystery Dinner

Clue # 1
Clue #2
The maid was running away screaming! Maybe she was trying to escape before anyone saw her!
A press release? Seems like he is not so sad his brother has been murdered!
Blood on clothing! He has to be guilty!
Mr. Enn seems to know a little too much!

And so is everyone else involved in this activity. You can prove your innocence only by proving that someone else is guilty. The people at your table must work together to solve the mystery.

As the evening progresses, each person will receive an outline of their character and pieces of information that will be known only to them. You must be sure to clearly and accurately reveal all the facts that you know about yourself and the other suspects in each round. You may not lie about the clues you are given. When someone reads a clue that places suspicion on you, then you need to read your clue which will change the subject and raise suspicion on a different character.

This activity is divided into three rounds.
Round 1- first meal course and clue #1
Round 2- second meal course and clue #2
Round 3- dessert and clue #3

Do not go on to the next round until you are told to do so. (All tables should stay on the same schedule of starting and finishing). At the conclusion of the three rounds, you should decide as a table who you believe is the murderer.

The solution will be revealed after the final round. Remember, you are out to catch a murderer. Be inquisitive! Be aggressive! Be suspicious!
Clue #3
The maid hater her boss! What better reason to kill him!
Black was trying to oust Judge Jones! He must have thought killing him was the easy way!
Sean wanted to be chief judge! Maybe killing him was the quickest way to change jobs!
Mr. Enn seems to know the future before it happens! He must have done it!
Mr. Fife was there at the scene of the murder! He has to be GUILTY!
Who dunnit?
Submit your tables guess now!
The Murderer is...
Murder Mystery Dinner
You are about to become a murder suspect
Ask Sean how his brother treated his employees
What do you think is the secret group the judge belonged to?
What of the bad feelings between Mr. Enn and Judge Black?
Mr. Fife seems to be an important person here
Do you think the maid could be angry?
Why is Sean Jealous of his brother?
Are you sure you want to know?
Mr. Enn is Nephi (Helaman 8 and 9)
Judge Black represents all the other judges (Helaman 9:13)
Mr. Mult is the multitude (Helaman 9:19)
Mr. Fife represents the 5 men who went and saw the dead man (Helaman 9:1-6)
The Maid represents the servants who ran (Helaman 9:6)
Sean Jones, is the murderer, Seantum (Helaman
But first... This video!
The Scene
The scene is the home of Judge Jones, a former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. On this Wednesday evening Judge Jones was found murdered. He had multiple stab wounds and was found lying in a pool of blood. There are six suspects, all with a motive for the murder.

They are:
Mr. Enn -- He has always been a fine, upstanding member of the community
Judge Black --A very high ranking, but corrupt judge. He hates Mr. Enn and would like to see him behind bars, but he fears a public outcry.
Sean Jones, J.D. -- He is the brother of the murder victim, Chief Judge Justice Jones. He is also a powerful attorney.
Mr. Mult -- An average citizen who is a friend of Mr. Enn.
Mr. Fife -- Works for Chief Justice Jones (the dead man) and Judge Black.
Maid -- Works for Chief Justice Jones (the dead man)
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