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The future of public transportation in Bogota.


on 13 April 2010

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Double click anywhere & add an idea INTEGRATED TRANSPORT SYSTEM the future of public transportation in Bogota the only way to ensure a shift of the population that is transported by bus, is to provide exclusive lanes for the Public transport system, Although the idea of articulating buses and trains is necessary.
business and service The public transport buses and minibuses, which Bogota daily trips has made 6 million, will migrate to a new operational framework, business and service, known as the Integrated Public Transport SITP The payment system will also change As part of the Integrated Fleet collect and control, the people of the city are not going to pay with coins or bills, and drivers will not have to collect the money. Payment will be made with a smart card that can be used in different means of transport such as buses, Metro, Transmilenio. The buses will be more modern, high quality and cleaner benefits The guarantee of formal employment is evident because the new system required 27 thousand drivers with social security and guaranteed income traffic jams Right now there are operating a little more than 16,000 buses, and when the SITP it is going to be circulating in the Bogotá’s streets only 12.000 so it will reduce many traffics jams. large numbers of users the flow of passengers in public transportation and the abundant number of private cars on the streets, require a system that invite not to use private transport and make transport More effective. problems of nowadays thanks for your attention
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