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Mon 8am Civic Engagement and Title IX

No description

on 2 November 2015

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Transcript of Mon 8am Civic Engagement and Title IX

The Work Continues . . .
Feminism and Its Waves

Title IX

How does Title IX contribute to the quality of your education?
Why is equality work, like feminism, important?
How can we continue to be civically engaged in such work?
Title IX
By: Matthew Guerrero
3 Concepts to consider when discussing Title IX
The idea that we are all represented fairly. Women in university or even men...
The idea that we all hold a voice. Women hold no exception to the rule.
Civic Engagement:
The fact that the issue was even addressed or payed attention to. All due to someone speaking up

Title IX
Tia Hopkins
Voice vs. Marginality
No longer is there a short leash around a woman's perspective.

Now, there is nothing holding women back from progress...

...as well as the equal consideration that comes with an unleashed voice.

Civic Engagement and Title IX
"Full Participation" is about more than sports. . .
. . .It means that everyone should feel safe and have a voice.
1 in 4 college women are sexually assaulted. Only6-9% of college men are responsible for 90% of the assaults.
Title IX
-Jessie Kelley
"For most of history, Anonymous was a woman."
-Virginia Woolf
All boys and all girls have the equal opportunity
to go to school to get a good education.
Women are being left out, shunned, and denied equal pay as their male counterparts,
particularly in the learning environment.
Some of the highest paying jobs have the lowest
number of female workers (i.e. most of the
STEM subjects).
Sofia Moore
- equal opportunities for both genders to persue their own goals
- people who work on reforming the workplace are omportant because they share useful information on topics that help shape our oppinions and society
- everybbody, nomatter what gender, should have the same chances and treatment

Title IV
Clarity: Giving a solid line that shouldn't be crossed saying gender nor race can be discriminated upon a person during the hiring process.

Race: No matter what your race is, the government protects your right as a citizen.

Information: This is at the hand of the internet and everyone can access this information and become informed on the issue.

Luke Farmer
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