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The Magna Carta

No description

Jackie Chavez

on 3 September 2012

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Transcript of The Magna Carta

The Magna Carta what is the Magna carta? The Magna Carta was the first document forced onto an English King by a group of his subject,it was to limit his powers and protect their privileges by law. where? the south-east of England The Magna Carta was made in people involved The people involved were a group of the king's subjects, the feudal barons, and king John of England. It was signed June 1215 major laws in this system The Magna Carta was an important part of the historical process that led to constitutional law How long did it last? The Magna Carta still lasts to this day but it has been reissued several times How did it change law? The Magna Carta has affected American law and constitution by limiting the government's power. It has had a huge impact on other countrie's legal systems
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