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Tennessee Valley Authority.

No description

Hannah Goodman

on 17 February 2016

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Transcript of Tennessee Valley Authority.

What did your initiative do? What was its’ purpose? Why was it created?
The Tennessee River basin is one of the largest river basins in the U.S. People had concerns. The TVA helped most of the people's concerns.
How was it organized ?
Is it still around?
Yes, some places are still using it. Also, over the years there have been many different examples of this. One of them is rising fuel costs to decrease the usage of energy.
Yes because it gives off water power and without it there would be a huge increase in floods. Without it we would probably not be able to save the energy we do today.
Is your initiative one created for:
a. Relief: People don’t have to worry about the risk of floods as much.
If yes, what effect does it have on the United States today?
It became a park and a place to go fishing. It was spread around and other places are building basins. Today, this initiative helps us save energy.
Tennessee Valley Authority.
By: Melissa H. and Hannah G.

It was organized by the New Deal Program. The TVA used water power to generate electricity while, forcing controlled water through the dam.
Do you think it was a good idea? Explain
Was it effective ?
Yes, it helped the area through floods, navigation control, and generate electric power.

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