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Aviation club work shop

No description

amjad shafie

on 4 July 2014

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Transcript of Aviation club work shop

Aviation club work shop
Making the present from the past
wright brothers :
first powered flight
first wind tunnel
Achieving lift
Importance of Aviation industry
marketing , product and business
profits and reliability
research , development and recruitment
factories ,
production lines

You need either the air move towards the plane
or the plane moves through air this can be achieved by the engine

flying 101
Introducing Engines

Flight theory

Lift equation

L=(1/2)* ρ *(V^2)* A* CL

First we can’t control the density of air
Controlling the velocity will effect the control of aircraft
Limitations of changing the area are a lot

Coefficient of lift CL

Airplane Component:

content :-
aviation importance

aviation history

aircraft engine


aircraft component

aircraft movement

aircraft design
people culture
aviation sciences zone
design comparison
Swept back
greater speed limit
higher friction on the wing
tail configuration
most convenient to perform all tail functions (i.e. stability, and control)
The conventional tail
T tail
for rear engine aircrafts
lower stability
in order to begin the action of
(take of) one of the control surfaces
should work
simulation :)
modern history
initilization on the 60's
commen work between france and germany
then other countries came along
it has the largest aircraft in the world
initilization was in the 20's
partnership between many american companies
it used to have the largest commercial aircraft
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