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No description

Akshay Arora

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of Belize

Belize is a 9,000 mile expanse located in Central America country with a populations of 356,600 people. Belize has a developing economy primarily based on agriculture and tourism.
Millennium Development Goals
The Problem in Belize
Over a third of the population in Belize is now in poverty. This is almost three times that of the United States of America.

While 11% of the population in Belize is now unemployed, this is 4% more than the U.S.A.

Why is there poverty in Belize?
What else can resolving Poverty do ?
Stop Poverty In Belize





In Belize there is an inadequate amount of capabilities and opportunities.
Farmers receive insufficient pay because of similar crops
Establish a local farmer markets,
and create roads from farms to local towns.
Establish manufacturing companies for jobs to the unemployed. primarily manufacturing agricultural tools.
Hire the unemployed as workers for flood control in order to help Farmers
Diversify crops in farms, and also pay farmers to withhold crops and donate crops, to inflate prices
The MDG's (Millennium Development Goals)
were goals established in 2000, that should be completed by 2015. Belize, a country in distress, needs our help and support to accomplish these goals. Especially now since Belize is in extreme poverty.
Preetam Inampudi
Akshay Arora
Ishneet Sachar
Vinayak Dhanawade
Max Ren
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