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Jorge Segura

on 12 September 2017

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If we can do more for our planet....
then , lets do it.

Environmental degradation is a significant factor that reduces the capacity of societies to manage risks from natural disasters in various countries around the world.
The pollution tends to focus on the next to inhabited places and industrialized areas.
Water pollution
If governments help passing laws to stop wasting and polluting water from factories, the lakes and rivers will be cleaned.
If we do not throw garbage into the sea, the water will not be contaminated.
If we recycle batteries, large amounts of water will not be contaminated.
If we do not wash clothes in the lakes, the lakes will be less polluted.
The soil contamination has increased over the last 50 years due to industrialization and development in urban regions. Technology has also contributed to it due to the production of various toxins and synthetic materials.
If we separate the garbage, pollution will be reduced.
If we recycle, there will be less inorganic waste.
If we do not throw trash on the ground, the ground will be less eroded.
We should walk more
If we use our cars less, the air will be free of pollution.
If governments help passing laws to stop the factories that pollute the air, the air will be more cleaned.
If we stop burning trash,we will have more oxygen cleaned.
If we do not cut down trees, there will be more pure oxygen.
Air pollution
Air pollution refers to pollutants generated by human activities. The use of services such as electricity, transportation, cooking food or water, etc., and the manufacture of consumer goods such as food, medicines or cleaning products, etc., produces air pollutants.
Soil contamination
If we use less pesticides in the fields, the land will be more productive.
If we obey the recommended standards, the land will be less degraded.
Name: LN:
Jonathan Israel Sarabia Garcia. 35
Jorge Adrian Segura Antunes. 36
Javier Jonathan Triana Rodriguez. 40

Perla Yamilet Tzeet Can. 41
Sarai Valencia Rueda. 41
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