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Chronicles of Vladimir Tod: Eighth Grade Bites

No description

Ania Thomas

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Chronicles of Vladimir Tod: Eighth Grade Bites

The Chronicles Of Vladimir Tod: Eighth Grade Bites Characters: Vladimir Tod Vladimir is a rather quiet person, a wallflower in ways. Other than being half human and drinking blood from a bag, he lives a pretty normal middle school life, well, for the most part. Henry McMillan Summary: Vladimir Tod is a vampire. Well, half vampire for that matter. Vladimirs father Tomas Tod, a vampire, and Valdimirs mother Mellina Tod, a human, ran from all vampire kind together, so they could raise their half-human half-vampire child in peace. When the Elysian Council (a council of vampires) discovered this they were disgusted and outraged. Being involved with a human that was not your drudge or a simple meal was not allowed. Tomas was to be brought before the council and charged for his crimes. Sadly,before any of that could happen, Vladimirs parents died in a tragic event. Young Vladimir was assigned to live with a close family friend,Nelly. Now Vladimir is 13 and its time to face 8th grade heartbreaks, bullies, principals out to get him, and a certain substitute that seems to be out to reveal his secret. Henry McMillan is Vladimirs drudge. He’s been with Vlad as childhood friends as long as both of them can remember. Henry is frequently associated with the “cool” kids. Nelly Nelly is Vladimirs guardian. She works at a hospital and supplies Vlad with blood bags nearing their expiration date. Otis Otis Otis is Vladimirs substitute teacher who seems to be very well educated on vampires, werewolves, etc. Theme: Vampires! Main Conflict: The main conflict Vladimir faces is an internal conflict. Vlad woke up early one morning and noticed his parents hadn’t been getting much sleep lately, so he turned off their alarms . Feeling he’d done good, Vlad left to school. When Vlad returned home however, good had not been done. His house was aflame and firefighters were everywhere. He rushed in the find the charred corpses of his parents in the same position on the bed they’d been in when he left that morning. Had their alarm been on they could have possibly escaped fire. From that point on Vlad lived with the guilty of killing his parents. Setting: This book takes place in a small town called Bathory. Point of View: The book is told from third person point of view. Authors Tone: The authors tone can go from being rather candid at time, sentimental in others, to melancholy in sadder moments. Thanks For Viewing!! By: Ania Thomas Foreshadowing: Otis tries to make Vladimir pass garlic out to the class, even though Vladimirs' school file states that he is allergic to garlic.
In another scene, Otis makes Vladimir write a paper from a vampires point of view, and instructs him to read it to the class. These situations were hints the author gave the reader to clue them on that Otis was attempting to show the class that Vladimir was a vampire.
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