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Dewey Decimal Presentation

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Meagan Campbell

on 14 April 2015

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Transcript of Dewey Decimal Presentation

Do You Know Dewey?
Do you know this man?
This is Melvil Dewey and back in the 1800's he used to work in a library. Jealous, much?
When he would try to find a book he would go cuckoo-bananas
because every library organized non-fiction books with a different system.
So old Melvil decided to create a universal system to find books and he called it....
Probably not.
(when you invent things you get to name them after yourself)
Dewey decided to organize books in groups that had similar subjects, and he assigned each group a number, like this...
So, how does it work?

010- Bibliography

020- Library & information science

030- General encyclopedias

040- Not used

050-General serial publications

060- Organizations

070- Journalism, publishing, media

080-General collections

090-Manuscripts & rare books
100's- Philosophy and Psychology

110- Metaphysics

120- Humankind

130- Paranormal

140- Philosophical Schools

150- Psychology

160- Logic

170- Ethics

180- Ancient, medieval, Oriental philosophy

190- Modern western philosophy
200's- Religion

210- Philosophy & theory of religion

220- Bible

230- Christianity

240- Christian moral & devotional theology

250- Christian orders & local church

260- Social & ecclesiastical theology

270- History of Christianity & Christian sects

280- Christian denominations

290- Comparative religion & other religions
300's- Social Sciences

310- Statistics

320- Political science

330- Economics

340- Law

350- Public administration & military science

360- Social programs & services

370- Education

380- Commerce

390- Customs, etiquette, folklore
400's Language

410- Linguisitics

420- English & Old English

430- Germanic

440- French

450- Italian, Romanian, Rhaeto-Romanic

460- Spanish & Portuguese

470- Latin

480- Greek

490- Other languages
500's- Natural Sciences & Math

510- MAth

520- Astronomy

530- Physics

540- Chemistry

550- Earth Sciences

560- Paleontology

570- Life Sciences

580- Plants

590- Animals
600's- Technology & Applied Sciences

610- Medicine

620- Engineering

630- Agriculture

640- Home Economics

650- Management

660- Chemical Engineering

670- Manufacturing

680- Manufacture for specific purposes

690- Building
700's- Art, Sports, Recreation

710- Civic & landscape art

720- Architecture

730- Plastic arts

740- Drawing & decorative art

750- Painting

760- Graphic Arts

770- Photography

780- Music

790- Recreation, performing arts, sports
800's- Literature & Rhetoric

810- American

820- English & Old English

830- Germanic

840- French

850- Italian, Romanian

860- Spanish, Portuguese

870- Latin

880- Greek

890- Other Languages
900's- Geography, History, Biography

910- Geography, travel

920- Biography, genealogy, insignia

930- Ancient world

940- Europe

950- Asia

960- Africa

970- North America

980- South America

990- Other Areas
Say you are assigned a project that requires a book on the Titanic.
Or you want to learn how to make friendship bracelets.
Or you are dying to know more about the Red Sox.
So what? SO WHAT???
Imagine the world WITHOUT the Dewey Decimal System! That means when you go searching for your book on the Titanic, friendship bracelets, or the Red Sox, it's going to look a lot like this...
We have 10,000 non-fiction books. No joke.
Does that mean you should go memorize THIS....
No, silly. You have more important things to do. Instead, use our
online card catalog, Destiny Quest. It will tell you your book's Dewey Decimal number. Then, look for the number on the book's spine label.
The call number is usually three or more numbers (from their Dewey Decimal category, of course) and the first three letters of the author's last name.
It's like your book's address!
These books are about art--the 700's!
Now you can find your book on the Titanic...
914.4 H288
Or learn how to make friendship bracelets...
646 MCN
Or find out everything about the Red Sox...
796.357 NIC
So, that's Dewey...
and he makes our lives a whole lot easier.
Thanks, Dewey!
Images borrowed from:
Sources referenced:
910's--geography & travel!
640's --Home Ec!
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