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The Alchemist: Santiago's Journey

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Chelsey Leuterio

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of The Alchemist: Santiago's Journey

The Alchemist: Santiago's Journey
By: Alexandra Leuterio & Chelsey Leuterio
Santiago's journey began in the abandoned church, in Andalusia. Santiago was very familiar with the community of Andalusia, because this was where he grew up. He was familiar with the fields where he took his sheep to and was also familiar with the people who lived there. Santiago's way of life in Andalusia only consisted of him taking care of his sheep. It was this that made him realize that he wanted to change his life, and get to something beyond that lifestyle.
While Santiago was in Andalusia, he kept having a recurring dream about hidden treasure at the Egyptian pyramids. In order to find out what it meant, he traveled to Tarifa to meet with a fortune teller to get his dream interpreted. As it turns out, that trip was pointless because she told him everything that he already knew. On the other hand, his trip also led him to meet the old man, also know as the King of Salem. He then teaches Santiago much about Personal Legend and the Soul of The World. "When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it." was one of the quotes that he had mentioned to Santiago. The king also gave Santiago two stones called Urim and Thummim which were said to help him recognize omens and make the right decisions.

Tarifa, Spain
When Santiago arrived in Tangier, he went to a bar. He then got robbed by a man who was supposed to bring him to the pyramids. Santiago also found a crystal shop. He offered to clean the glass for the owner in exchange for food. The crystal merchant said it was a good omen that customers entered when Santiago was cleaning, so he offered him a job. Santiago worked for this crystal merchant for about a year, and he planned to use this money to buy his sheep back. But when Santiago did earn enough money to buy his sheep back, something changed within him. He realized what he truly wanted in life and decided to go on with his journey, instead of going back to Spain. As he continued with his journey, he ended up joining a caravan where he met the Englishman. This man's dream was to become an alchemist, so he had spent much of his life studying alchemy books.

Tangier, North Africa
When the caravan traveled across the Sahara, Santiago learned about the principles of alchemy from the Englishman and his books. The concepts he learned were only of those written in the books and nothing beyond. They traveled across the desert to get to the oasis.
Sahara desert, Egypt
Al Fayoum (oasis), Egypt
Pyramids of Egypt
When the caravan finally reached Al Fayoum, Santiago met a young Arab woman, named Fatima, and he immediately fell in love with her. She gives Santiago some information about where to find the Alchemist. Santiago returned the next day and confessed his love to Fatima and told her that he wanted to give up on his dream to stay with her. But she wanted him to continue his dream and told him, "If I am really a part of your dream, you'll come back one day." With these words, Santiago realized that love could wait and his dreams were more important. Santiago then continued with his quest and finally met the Alchemist. The Alchemist taught Santiago about the Soul of the World and helped him understand the Universal language. They then traveled together to the pyramids.
When Santiago and the Alchemist arrived at the Monastery, the Alchemist gave Santiago some gold, and told him that he had to finish the trip alone. When Santiago continued his trip by himself, he noticed a scarab beetle (which was considered a good luck omen) in the sand. He started to dig in it's place but found nothing. He was then approached by two refugees from the tribal wars who assumed that he was hiding gold in the sand. They forced him to keep digging until sunrise, and when they saw that he had found nothing, they started to beat him until near-death. Once they decided to leave him alone to suffer, one of the refugees told Santiago about his recurring dream. His dream was about a treasure buried in Spain and he described the same church and sycamore tree that was located back in Santiago's homeland. The refugee mentioned to Santiago that he was not stupid enough to cross an entire desert just because of this recurring dream. It was because of this story that Santiago knew where his treasure was. His treasure was placed all the way back in ...

Santiago found his treasure back in the abandoned church in Spain (where the story began). He found a treasure chest filled with Spanish gold coins, under the sycamore tree. Even though Santiago's treasure was placed in the same exact spot as where he started, it was his journey that led him to find it. He realized the importance of actually putting effort into pursuing your dreams. He proved that you get what you give and that everything comes full circle.
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