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Persuasive Speech

No description

Andrew Bernard

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Persuasive Speech

Does Technology Make Us More


By: Andrew Bernard

- Lazy
- Stare at a screen
- Are talking to each other
- One of the biggest things today, people are always looking forward to it
- World is filled with smart phones, tablets, computers, gaming consoles, and many social networking sites
- Communicate with people on the other side of the world is seconds
- Know how people are spending their days with social network
- Know what is happening in the world when get online
-Technology is meant make our lives easier or better in some way
- Can be used to do so many things
Video games
- Popular form of entertainment
- 58% of americans play video games with average of two gamers per household and at least one console
- Average age is 30 years, large range
- Video games lead to happiness and can bring people together
- Recent technology gives the ability to talk to people when playing with them, only form of communication
- Video games also cause addiction, spend more time playing the game, stay away from others
- People usually play alone, not with others
Smart phones, PCs, and tablets
- Estimated that every 2 in 9 people in the world own a smartphone, and 1/17 own a tablet, 56% of Americans own a smartphone
- In around 2012 smartphones outnumbered PCs, had grown from 5% of population (2009) to 22%, or an increase of 1.3 billion smartphones in four years
- Tablets took 2 years to reach 6% and phones took 4 years, PCs grow 6% in last 6 years
-Increase is not good, cell phones are mobile, PCs are not
Where cell phones crossed PCs
Cell Phones
- Connect us to EVERYTHING
- Talk, internet, games
- Make us more connected, yet more alone
- People check their phones over 150 times a day, cannot leave it alone for more than 6 mins
- Can be addicting
- Stare at phones and take away face to face conversations
Social Network
-Social Network is all over the internet
- 58% of people in the world use some type of social network, 98% of people 18-24 use it
- 56% use Facebook resulting in 1.4 billion users around the world
- 22% of teenagers log into Facebook over 10 times a day
- There are too many people that live their lives online
- People spend 23 hours online per week
Being alone
- People are addicted to social networks, phones, and video games
- Are always connecting to people through technology, less face to face
- People lose social skills that are needed in everyday life
- Technological communication should not be the main form, for 39 of Americans it is
- Technology takes away some of our humanity, takes away what makes us human
- Technology is not bad, it is one of the best things that happened to us, the way we use it is what makes us alone

If we keep this up we will end up like this
Hopefully we will understand what we are doing wrong and fix it
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