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Plumbing Questions for Tech Life

prezi is so cool!

Gary Rogers

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Plumbing Questions for Tech Life

Questions for
This item consists of a flexible cable with a steel auger bit on the end.
Sink Auger
essential plumbing tool
if you are going to be
doing any work with
copper pipe. With copper
pipe it is important to
have smoothly cut and
squarely cut ends and
well fitted joints.
Tubing Cutter
a specially shaped plunger used to clear clogs in toilets by the applications of vacuum and the force of water.
This is an essential tool for preventing leakage at threaded plumbing joint connections.
Teflon Tape
It has a rubber cup-like shape and wooden handle and is used to clear clogs in sinks, tubs and showers.
Cup Plunger

loosens frozen nuts
Penetrating Oil
lubricates faucet assemblies without affecting water quality
Adjustable Pipe Wrench
This tool is designed to loosen and tighten fittings that are hard to reach during the installation and repair of sinks.
A very common drain pipe in older
homes but is no longer used in
residential plumbing.
Cast iron
Copper DWV
ABS Pipe
Galvanized pipe
A hard walled white plastic drain pipe used throughout the world.
PVC Pipe
Copper pipe
Galvanized pipe
a pipe fitting installed between two lengths of pipe or tubing to allow a change of direction, usually a 90° or 45° angle,
this connects two pipes to each other. If the size of the pipe is not the same , the fitting may be called a reducing _______ or reducer, or an adapter.
turn off the water
at the shut off
diverter valve
typically used for commercial / industrial applications but may also be found in residential heating systems.
Swing check valve
The questions will appear and you can answer for your tribe in order to earn a point.
BUT REMEMBER, you cannot answer AGAIN until everyone in your tribe has answered once.
Tech life Skills

Plumbers tool box
Types of pipe
Plumbing survivor
Backflow devices
Plumbing repair parts
This tool is use for breaking up and clearing clogs in sinks and tubs.
Toilet or Closet Auger
is a specialized plumbing tool used to clear clogs in toilets.
It's also used to seal air and gas from leaking through threaded connections like at your dryer.
Used for decades as the most common
water supply pipe.

Used as a hot/cold water supply
pipe in many countries around
the world because of the price
but lacks long term durability.
also known as Chlorinated
polyvinyl chloride
PEX Pipe
Is cross-linked polyethylene
tubing and has become the
standard in new home

PEX comes in a variety of colors
and is used for plumbing and
heating purposes.
May still be found in many
homes but is seldom used
anymore because of water
discoloration, cost and
difficult repairs.
A hard walled black plastic drain pipe used extensively in North America.
Common in many older homes and prone to maintenance. Easily discernable by the silver to whitish color and threaded fittings.
A hard walled copper drain, waste and vent pipe(DWV) that was commonly used in older homes.
Elbows are categorized based on various design features:
Long Radius (LR) Elbows – radius is 1.5 times the pipe diameter
Short Radius (SR) Elbows – radius is 1.0 times the pipe diameter
90 Degree Elbow – where change in direction required is 90°
45 Degree Elbow – where change in direction required is 45°
A union is similar to a coupling,
except it is designed to allow
quick and convenient
disconnection of pipes
for maintenance or
fixture replacement.
this allows for a change in pipe size to meet hydraulic flow requirements of the system, or to adapt to existing piping of a different size.
Whenever branch connections are required in size where reducing tees are not available, olets are generally used
Flanged Olet
Socket-Weld &
Threaded Olet
Lateral & Elbow Olets
Nipple Olet
Butt-Weld Olet
Swage Nipples
____ is the most common
pipe fitting.It is used to
either combine or split a
fluid flow.
Cross fittings are also called 4-way fittings.
If a branch line passes completely through
a tee, the fitting becomes a cross.
A cross has one inlet
and three outlets,
or vice versa.
Pipe cap (copper sweat)
A type of pipe fitting,
usually liquid or
gas tight, which
covers the end
of a pipe.
A plug closes off the end of a pipe.
Mechanical pipe plug
Pneumatic disk pipe plug
Single size pneumatic
all rubber pipe plug
Multi-size pneumatic
pipe plug
Multi-size flow-through
pipe plug
High pressure pipe plug
_______ is defined as being
a short stub of pipe which
has external male pipe
threads at each end,
for connecting two
other fittings.
_____ is used to connect flexible hoses to pipes.
equipment designed
to stop or regulate flow of
any fluid (liquid, gas,
condensate, stem, slurry,
etc.) in its path.
Sweep elbow
are usually long radius or
sweep types, to reduce flow resistance
and solids deposition when the
direction of flow is changed.
Closet flange
____________ is the drain pipe flange to which a water closet (toilet) is attached. It is a specialized type of flange connection designed to sit flush with the floor, allowing a standard toilet to be installed above it.
are fittings with removable
elements that allow access
to drains without requiring
removal of plumbing fixtures.
They are used for allowing
an auger or plumber's snake
to clean out a plugged drain.
Trap primers
trap primer is a specialized valve, and it is usually
connected to a clean water supply, in addition to
a DWV system. Because of this dual connection,
the design usually must be certified to resist
accidental backflow of contaminated water.
It is used in drain systems to provide a smooth, gradually curving path to reduce the likelihood
of clogs, and to ease pushing a plumber's snake through a drain system.
Sanitary tee
In drainage systems it is primarily used to connect horizontal drains ( including fixture trap arms) to vertical drains.
Double sanitary tee (sanitary cross)
The fitting has been used in the past for
connecting the drains of back-to-back fixtures
(such as back-to-back bathroom sinks).
Wye fitting
A wye branch allows to split a branch line
equally in two directions.
Double-tapped bushing
A double-tapped bushing is a fitting
that has opposing threads on the inside
diameter of the bushing.
Flange fittings
Pipe hangers & supports
Blow bag
this item is inserted at the end of a garden hose and used to help clean out waste pipes
when a pipe breaks,
the first thing to
do is
Tub faucets have the same arrangement as sink faucets; however, they have a _______
which directs water
to either
the shower or the tub.
Pipe Support Hardware, Rods, & U-bolts
Hanger rods are round steel bars normally
threaded used to connect other components,
such as pipe support hardware, to make a pipe hanger assembly.
Pipe Saddle Supports
used to support the pipe by
transmitting the load or
forces to the adjacent structure.
Hold-down Pipe Clamps
Hold-down pipe clamps are used in applications where you would like to either
1.) anchor the pipe in position
2.) permit axial movement of the pipe.
Threaded rod
A threaded rod, also known as a stud,
is a relatively long rod that is threaded
on both ends
They are designed to be used in tension.
Inline check valve
Typically used in well systems, these single check valves have a spring actuated disc that is only open under flow conditions.
Dual check valve
These backflow preventers
are typically used in low
health risk applications,
such as to protect the
municipal system from
a residential potable system.
Double check valve assembly (DCA)
DCA's are typically used to prevent
cross connections in scenario's that
don't pose a significant health risk.
Double check valve with
atmospheric port (DCAP)
These backflow preventers are used in
low health risk systems, such as a boiler feed.
Reduced pressure zone assembly (RPZ)
The ultimate in backflow
prevention, these devices
provide three layers of
protection that can be
used in high health
risk hazards.
Anti-Siphon vacuum breaker
these devices will prevent siphonic action from introducing possible contamination into the potable water system by allowing air into the pipe and breaking the siphon.
Maintenance on shower heads
involves cleaning
deposits with
vinegar or poking
with a toothpick
Plumber's putty
creates a watertight seal on sink or tub drains and faucets
Ballcock assembly
Fills the toilet tank with water to
the desired height.
Toilet flapper
The most common part to
replace on a toilet.
Comes in different formats.
Braided supply line
Comes in various lengths for faucets,
toilets and dishwashers.
Pop-up and overflow
Connects the sink to the drain
if your compression faucet with a separate spout is leaking at the base, it is most probably a faulty _______________
Faucet cartridge
Flange Plunger
This tool provides tremendous
leverage and grip. Once you
tighten the wrench around the
pipe by use of the knurled knob,
it is designed to grip round
objects (such as pipes).
Plumber's grease
Blow bag
in newer faucet
assemblies, this
piece can be
easily taken out and replaced in one easy step
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