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Radio Broadcasting


Elwyn Huynhh

on 27 October 2013

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Transcript of Radio Broadcasting



By: Jasmine Vuong and Elwyn Huynh
The revolution of radio broadcasting.
Where was the radio used? (1939-1945)
1950 - 1960
Crystal Radios
One of the first radios to be manufactured.
Boy magazines encouraged young boys to make this radio because it was very simple.
the radio began to include music and drama. Also, the people were updated with politics, sports and other activities.
During WWII, the radio covered daily events during the war and it allowed one trench to communicate with another trench.
This was the time when coloured television was commercially transmitted, and the first communication satellite.
National Public Radio, a private, non-commercial network devoted to news, information was founded. Programs are aired on local public radio stations nationwide.










Radio in 1920's <
Rodger's Battery-less Receiver Model 130
built in 1925
Cathedral Style
Pedal Radio
In Australia, when radio was introduced you needed a
When first introduced, companies bombarded radio stations and asked if they could advertise their product.
1938 - First radio was installed in a car
The radio network was used to link children in remote areas to teachers, this was known as the 'school of air'
Due to many migrants coming to Australia, the radio began to broadcast in many languages such as Vietnamese, German, Chinese etc...
Australia was entitled to finally use FM.
FM : Frequency Modulation; the radio signals change in actual frequency.
Thank you for listening.
What is Radio Broadcast?
Invented by Alfred Harman Trawgar
Inspired by the Royal Flying Doctor Service.
AM: Amplitude Modulation; the radio signals changes in actual electrical impulses.
This is when the Talk radio became popular
XM satellite radio was introduced
21st Century
Radio stations would've improved and evolved through time as more radio stations are being broadcasted. Generally, people now days turn on their radio for updates in news and music.
By: Oleg Losev
Edward. S. Rodgers.
license to be able to hear the radio.
Commercial FM radio launched all over Australia (Canberra, Sydney, Hobart, Melbourne)
Radio Broadcast is a one-way wireless transmission over radio waves and is intended to reach a wide range of audiences.
FM was created by Edwin Howard Armstrong.
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