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assessing role plays


Susanne Wiegand

on 9 February 2012

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Transcript of assessing role plays

conclusion Assessing role plays EXIT ... in the EFL classroom Assessment Definition:
"The process of evaluating a student's knowledge or performance in relation to a reference norm." reference norms:
criterion-referenced functions:
educate quality criteria: Does a test measure what it is intended to measure? Could the test results be replicated? Is the assessment free of any subjective influences? by Susanne Wiegand problem:
Quality criteria cannot be fully accomplished! Learner-Directed Assessment "A student-directed curriculum requires students' involvement in assessment as well!" advantages:

responsibility for learning

evaluation as a key competency

helpful during group work Constructing Assessment Scales and Sheets Why? What? How? ...do I test? achievement test proficiency test ...do I test? language components language skills participation in class presentation skills ...do I test? process-oriented product-oriented:
discrete point testing
pragmatic testing
communicative testing participation (process-oriented) presentation (product-oriented) Feb. 25:
Kulturcafé Dec. 1:
presentation Nov. 9 - Nov. 30: project Assessing Group Work (A) working process problems:
individual grades
observing only the outside
interfering with the groups (B) presentation problems:
individual grades
subjective impression ideas:
dividing total points/grade among the group members
evaluating each others working effort ideas:
'jury' method
assessment sheets The end! validity reliability objectivity jury method? older spectators! overall impression:
points scale?
overall impression big challenge learner-directed assessment individual portfolios Rethink!
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