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Let's start with our Montgomery Boycott quiz.

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Elizabeth Brathwaite

on 24 April 2018

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Transcript of Let's start with our Montgomery Boycott quiz.

Now, let's begin a discussion of placement of participles.
Warm Up
Is the participle an adjective or part of the verb.

1 The
window had a crack in it.
2 The sun is
brightly through the trees.

3 The monster mask was
for the child.

4 The
cat cat was
the squirrel.

5 The
apples were
from the trees.
Yes, you figured it out. When a participle phrase doesn't seem to be describing the right noun or pronoun, it is a misplaced modifier.
If a participle is before or after the word it modifies or after a linking verb, it is a participle adjective.
Just because it's after a linking verb, doesn't make it part of a verb phrase!
If you're stuck on this, ask yourself:
Is a noun literally doing this action?
Does the sentence make sense and give the same message if you replace the linking verb with "seem/seems"?
If the answer to these questions is yes, the word is a participle adjective.
If you have a participle or participle phrase that doesn't describe a noun or pronoun, it is a dangling participle.
If the participle phrase doesn't appear to be modifying the correct noun or pronoun, it's a misplaced participle.
I, drowned in sauce, ate the chicken wing.
CORRECTION: I ate the chicken wing drowned in sauce.
Having driven all day, the sale at the store was not beneficial.
CORRECTION: Having driven all day, I thought the sale at the store was not beneficial.
Complete exercises 1 and 2 on pg 87.
ch 15 vocab due Friday, quiz Monday
1-15 test on 5/24
participle quiz Thursday
IXL level 9 R.1, R.4, and K.2

all day, Bobby ate a whole pizza for dinner.

dog wants a blanket.

loudly, Jane gives all the correct answers.

The chore is taxing to me.
taxing is describing chore, so taxing is an adj
The King is taxing the people.
taxing what? people, so taxing is a verb here
The horror movie is shocking for the child.
shocking is describing movie, so it is an adj
The horror movie is shocking the crowd.
shocking what? the crowd, so shocking is a verb

Now, let's read Act I, scene 4 of Anne Frank.
IXL level 9
R.1, R.4, K.2
Bob played with the dog wearing new pajamas.
CORRECTION: Bob, wearing new pajamas, played with the dog.
Fix the misplaced or dangling participle.

1. Sitting under the table, I gave food to the cat.
2. Wearing my new glasses, the signs were easy to read.
3. Having eaten earlier, the restaurant was empty.
4. I finished my essay late last night thinking deeply.
5. The crowed cheered for the band loving the concert.
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