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Differentiated Instruction

SOH- FLP Training 9-7-12

Jessica Young

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Differentiated Instruction

Differentiated Instruction Again... it's all in the planning. It's all in the planning. Do NOT teach to the middle and hope everyone gets it. Instructional approaches should vary and be adapted to individual and diverse learners. Different backgrounds, perspectives, motivations, strengths and experiences are the NORM for ESL classes.

How do you meet all of their needs? Make it Organic Content
Procedures We can differentiate... The Cube Have a plan for: Learners who may need help while you're busy
Quick Finishers Deliver instructions carefully. 1. List 5 fruits and vegetables that might be sold in this market.
2. List the fruits or vegetables you like or dislike.
3. Give 2 ways to ask for a price of an item.
4. Give 2 ways to tell the price of an item.
5. Use 2 ways to react to the price of an item.
6. Describe (in English or L1) one fruit or vegetable that is important in the U.S. Is it as important in your family? Cubing Students select 3 boxes from a board of activites
(maybe make it a game of Tic-Tac-Toe)
The activities help to practice diffferent skills and concepts Menu Board Complexity
Open-endedness Tiered Activity If they didn't before, this is where planning and careful instructions come in. Learning Centers Jigsaw (break information up into parts around the room)
Dictation (each learner is correcting themselves at their level)
Adjusting the size of the task ("See how many you can do in 10 minutes.")
Bias Tasks (Newspaper: Lower-level answer questions about the ad; Higher-level formulate questions to ask) Other Methods It's all about how you present it! Remember: (and how you plan) What else? by Jessica Young It's all in the planning. Strategy One: I am not an expert. Disclaimer: Not even close. This presentation adapted from: Renkema, Theresa. "Differentiated Instruction". Presentation 1-20-11. trenkema@kuyper.edu
Bell, J. "Teaching Multilevel Classes in ESL" (2001)
Hall, T. "Differentiated Instruction." National Center on Accessing the General Curriculum. (2002)
Hess, N. "Teaching Large Multilevel Classes" (2001)
Richards, J. and Renandya, W. "Methodology in Language Teaching: An Anthology of Current Practice." (2002) Adapted from "Differentiated Instruction in the World Language Classroom" by Anne Nerenz
"How to Differentiate in Mixed-Ability Classrooms," 2nd ed., by Carol Ann Tomlinson Vocabulary MORE TIPS! 1. expose
2. understand
3. construct
4. practice
5. produce Have learners help make vocabulary lists! Receptive vs. Productive Learners can usually understand many more words than they can actively use. 29th Street Cheap Spanish/English Dictionaries Antonyms, synonyms, and relationships Encourage guessing from context. It's surprising how many English or Spanish words we can guess, just by the similarities of the languages. Cognates! Strategy Two: Strategy Three: Strategy Four: and other tips Teach School Specific Communication! Communication with Staff
Parent/Teacher Conferences
Teachers' expectations of Parents
People who work at the school
Main office procedures

Who, What, When, Where, Why, How Figuring out what children's books are trying to teach and making good reading choices for kids. Teach Comprehension Skills Teach Culture Phone books
What to wear in the winter
Smart shopping
Professional language/offensive language
Reading weather maps/reports
Letters and mail
With the staggering gains in technology every year,
the importance of literacy -- specifically print-based -- is increasing exponentially. Teach Technology In order to be successful in this country, one must be able to read and write coherently and think critically about the written word. Computers! Typing
How to search and read searches
Facebook and Social Networking
Free Gmail
Technology vocabulary
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