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No description

Grace Michie

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Veterinarian

Careers Seminar:
1. What is a vet and what do they do?
What is a vet?
How do you become a vet?
What is the history behind veterinary science?
2. How do you become a vet?
Useful skills:
and resources:
High School:
You must complete a Bachelor of Veterinary Science degree. Massey University is the only University in New Zealand that offers this course.
Getting a job:
All vets must be registered with the Veterinary Council of New Zealand and have an Annual Practising Certificate.
NCEA Level 3 English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology are strongly recommended subjects to study. It can also help to have an interest in Horticulture.
Fact File:
Career: Vet
Pay: $45K-$120K per year
People doing it: 2,521 in New Zealand (2012)
Chances of getting a job: Good
Training: 5 years
Working Hours: 40 per week
What does a vet do?
of vets work in rural
work in urban practices
work in zoos and wildlife
sanctuaries, or doing research
and setting standards for the
import and export of animal
What is the history behind veterinary science?
The Veterinary Council of New Zealand
Ronil Rao, Franklin Vets Pukekohe
Just the Job
Diagnostic work
Check-ups and consulting with clients
Enjoy spending time with animals
Problem solving
Comunicating with all sorts of people
The average day as a veterinarian will consist of:
Meetings, paperwork, research
Veterinarians can also:
Work with livestock owners to help them meet breeding and production goals
Set standards for the import and export of animals and animal products in New Zealand
Teach in tertiary institutes
Be involved with research and disease control programmes
Middle Ages:
A vet is someone who is qualified to be a medical doctor for animals.
Ancient Times
New technology
New treatments
First vet school
Indian art
Egyptian cat
New medicine
Modern technology
Quiz Time!
How many years do you have to train to become a vet?
Name three things that a vet does
What are two recommended subjects to study in High School?
What is the name of the qualification needed to become a vet?
What would an equine vet do?
Name three skills or qualities that are useful in this career
Quiz Time!
Where was the first vet school? (Country and city)
What is the name of the only university in New Zealand that offers the course needed to become a vet?
How do you spell...
Vet Challenge
1: Put on the mask and gloves
2: Put a plaster on the sore
3: Inject the anesthetic
4: Wrap the leg in a bandage and secure with safety pin
5: Put the animal safely in it's cage
Become specialist vets and work with a certain animal or species
What would an avian vet do?
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