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Molly the Brave

No description

M2K Kids

on 10 October 2014

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Transcript of Molly the Brave

Are you ready to hear some of Molly's important actions? Molly finds the treasure with Peter. Molly does this at the end of the story. She also saves Peter a couple of times. She knows how to talk to Porpoises. This first happens when Molly figures out the trunk is on her ship.
Molly's Actions
Molly feels like she can't let her dad down. During the part where Molly tells Peter her story, she talks about why she can't let her dad down. Molly secretly has feelings for Peter. Molly always thinks, how am I going to get that trunk? This thought goes along with why she can't let her dad down.
Molly's Feelings and Thoughts

One of Molly's weaknesses is she is emotional. Molly's weakness happens all throughout the book. Molly cries A LOT. she is always emotional such as when Peter was talking about Teacher and Molly got very jealous of her.

One of Molly's strengths is she has starstuff. She talks about her starstuff and special powers in her chapter called, Molly's Story, on pages 150 through 170. Her strength is good and bad. She is defiantly good at using her power, because she taught Peter her knowledge.

Molly appeared on her own chapter on page 19. she was described by Peter by him using many adjectives. Molly gave Peter a look with warning on page number 22. Molly's first words are "That's Mrs. Bumbrake."
Molly's Introduction
Molly the Brave
Molly's Sayings
Molly says to Amm that "Bad man hunt Molly ship." This is important, because if you didn't read this you wouldn't know what was happening. She also says an important story from pages 150-170. here are some of the highlights. I found these quotes on page 153."Some shooting stars are not made of rocks. Few are made from something quite different. It's called starstuff." I found this quote on page 167. King Zarboff is the ruler of The Others.
Molly's Traits
Molly' has "green teeth" according to Amm, on page 127. She also has blonde hair and green eyes. It says this on page 19. Molly's personality traits are happy perhaps when she found the treasure, jealous when Peter was talking about Teacher, and persuasive when she was trying to get Peter to go to Britian instead of staying at the island.
1) has powers
1) Is just a normal girl
2)"14" years old
2) is 11 years old
3)blonde hair
3) redish hair
2)have parents
3)have green
By: Shannon Sangston
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