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Recalculating Directory

No description

Isis So

on 17 July 2013

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Transcript of Recalculating Directory

Recalculating Directory
I will find that the following skills will come in handy because they are life skills that can apply to every situation...
My strengths will be crucial in helping me with my lifelong learning journey and passing times of change...
I know that these people will support me:
1. Mom (She is always there for me)
2. Other family members
3.Teachers (Many have a lot of
experience of getting through change)
4. Friends (There is always a few true
friends who will actually help me out
when I need it)
5. Trustworthy adults
When the time comes for transition or change, I believe that the most important thing is that I keep my head up and keep going. Life is all about learning and gaining experiences along the way. The only way to do that is to make mistakes, but not make them again. Change can be good or bad, and the choice of that
is mine...
Who can I make as my ally for the times in need?
Transitions can be easy!
Isis So
Mrs. Smith
GLC20 - Careers
July 15, 2013

Some skills, I have already:
1. Good communication skills
2. Resiliency Skills
3. Responsibility skills
4. Initiative skills
5. Collaboration skills
6. Reading and Writing skills
7. Leadership skills
Some skills, I should develop:
1. Organizational skills (eg: time
2. More Computer skills since
technology is always advancing
3. Perseverance because life is
always about learning and
gaining experience. I can not
give up easily.
I already have these strengths:
1. Curiosity
2. Helping/reassuring others
3. Working with others
4. Being a leader
5. Initiative/Reliability
6. Prudent decision maker
7. Modesty
I could improve on:
1. Creativity
2. Sense of Humor
3. Hopefulness
What will my resources be when I need them??
It will definitely be easier to get through tough times with support.
During times of Transition/Trouble:
I will....

... stay calm and identify the problem
... research solutions and find supports
... look up my contingency plan
... find the best solution and follow it!
I will not...

... resort to drugs or alcohol
... take the easy way out
1. My Personal 911 sheet
2. Government Resources for
financial and other needs
3. http://www.cybf.ca/resources/ (good website for resources to start my own business)
By referring the the Personal 911, I will open up many resources that I have already found...
1. My parents
2. Teachers
3. Supports
4. Resources
This is indeed very hard to consider since many people could appear in my life as I progress through my journey, and there are often doors that open and close, since opportunities come and go.
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