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How Does Social Media Influence the Way We Interpret News?

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Kaitlin Stanfield

on 3 October 2017

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Transcript of How Does Social Media Influence the Way We Interpret News?

False Media and How it Effects Americans?
"Remember the Maine!"
The Great Moon Hoax
Occurred in
The New York Sun

Used people's belief, to sell newspaper
Took advantage of people's belief and uncertainty of what was going on in our solar system
"I thought they'd fact- check it, and it's make them look worse. I mean that's how this always works: Someone posts something I write, then they find out it's false, then they look like idiots. But Trump supporters- they just keep running with it! They never fact-check anything! Now he's in the White House. Looking back, instead of hurting the campaign, I think I helped it. And that feels [bad]. It's great for anybody who does anything with satire- there's nothing you can't write about now that people won't believe. I can write the craziest thing about Trump, and people will believe it."
Facebook Influencing Social Media
Horner was influencing the people to vote for Trump through his false reporting
Using people's unlikeliness to check facts and taking advantage of their trustworthiness of credible sources
Trump's Influence in the Election
Contributed many false reports to the media
Accused Barack Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower during his election campaign
Making his followers distrust the media

Yellow Journalism
William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer were heads of the
New York Journal
and the
New York World
Ending America's neutrality with Spain
The articles claimed that through his telescope, astronomer John Herschel had seen lushness on the moon, "several new specimens of animals, and ultimately, in the last paragraph of the 6th and final part , the bat- like Vespertilio-homo, which appeared scarcely less lovely than the general representations of angels by the more imaginative schools of painters."
The New York Sun
Before Social Media
Newspaper and Editors using yellow journalism to promote their product.
Americans being influenced by the credible sources they believed in
Americans beliefs and uncertainty was being taken advantage of
Paul Horner Speaking on Social Media Influencing the 2016 Election
Time Magazine
"Trump has in this way brought to the Oval Office an entirely different set of assumptions about the proper behavior of a public official, and introduced to the country entirely new rules for public debate... As a businessman, Trump wrote in praise of strategic falsehood, or 'truthful hyperbole,' as he preferred to call it."
After Social Media
Writers, reporters, and editors still use the same techniques
Americans are still greatly influenced by the media- true or not.
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