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Greater Than (<), Less Than (>) and Equal (=) signs

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on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Greater Than (<), Less Than (>) and Equal (=) signs

When one number is smaller than another, we can use the “less than” sign.
Greater Than
When one number is bigger than another, we can use the “greater than” sign.
Equal Sign
When two numbers are the same, we can use the “equal” sign.
Using >,<, and = to Compare Numbers

To identify the less than (<), greater than (>) and equal (=) signs

To differentiate the symbols <, > and = signs

To write the <, > and = signs

Look at the picture below.
Look at these.
Which group of candies is
in number?


Which group of candies is
in number?
Set A is
in number
Set B is
in number.
Less Than
13 is

than 15
98 is
than 86
75 is
to 75
Less than sign is pointing to the left.
Greater than sign is pointing to the right
Equal sign has two horizontal lines.
Complete each number by using , or
Created by:
Pamela V. Tongohan
4th yr. BEE-SPED
In this lesson, you have learned the , and signs
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