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Pocahontas Biography

No description

Amber Bennett

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Pocahontas Biography

Lengendary Figure Pocahontas BORN: 1595
DEATH: March 1617
BIRTHPLACE: Werowocomoco, Virginia BIRTH AND DEATH: Saving John Smith's life
She saved him by asking her father not to kill him.
Being the chief's daughter What was Pocahontas known for? OCCUPATION: POLITICAL LEADER Pocahontas is known for assisting the English in their efforts to settle the North American continent and for becoming one of the first Native Americans to be accepted and honored in Europe. Pocahontas's Life:
little is known about her early childhood
daughter of Chief Powhatan
her mother was sent away after having birth FIRST RESCUE:
happened in 1607
English colonists arrived in Virginia and began building settlements
John Smith was captured during this time
According to Smith, "at the minute of my execution, she hazarded [i.e. risked] the beating out of her own brains to save mine; and not only that, but so prevailed with her father, that I was safely conducted to Jamestown".[4]
Whatever really happened, a friendly relationship with Smith and the rest of the colony of Jamestown was started, and Pocahontas would often come to the settlement and play games with the boys there. KIDNAPPED!
Married a Powhatan warrior at some point before 1612; nothing more is known about this marriage
English colonists discovered where Pocahontas was staying -- in the village of Potomac -- and tricked her into captivity
Renamed "Rebecca" MARRIAGE:
Pocahontas was married to John Rolfe on April 5th, 1614.
It is not known whether the couple's reported affection for each other was real
Some sources indicate that Pocahontas truly loved Rolfe
Others suggest that the marriage was constrained as part of her "release" agreement ACCOMPLISHMENTS:
She saved the life of John Smith, one of the founders of Jamestown.
Brought peace between the Powhatan tribe and the English colonists of Jamestown when she married John Rolfe, a Jamestown settler IMPACT:
Pocahontas's life was short of 22 years old. Her main objective in life was to stop the fighting between the Powhatans and the English colonists. She was fearless and made a difference and everyone looked upon her for what she had done. Pocahontas is commonly referred to as an 'Indian princess' WORKS CITED:
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