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Lewis and Clark Webquest

No description

Edwin Lara

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of Lewis and Clark Webquest

How much money were they given to spend on the expedition?
Many supplies were needed for this expedition. List one example of the following kinds of supplies:
a. Mathematical Instruments:
b. Camp Supplies:
c. Presents for Indians:
silk ribbons
d. Clothing:
e. Arms and Ammunition:
500 rifle flints
f. Medicine and Medical Supplies:
What did they travel in?
A in a keel boat.
What were the four goals of the expedition?
Who was the president who sent Lewis and Clark on the expedition?
Thomas Jefferson
Lewis and Clark Web quest
By: Edwin Lara, Juan Garcia
What did Lewis and Clark spend most of their time doing?

The goals were: mapping the rivers, make friends with natives, open the West to trade, and look for a Northwest Passage (an easy water route from coast to coast).

Clark spent most of his time on the keel boat, charting the course and making maps, while Lewis was often ashore, studying the rock formations, soil, animals, and plants along the way.
What happened on August 20, 1804 and what did the crew do to honor him?
Sargent Floyd died and they wrote a letter to honor him
What animal did Lewis describe on September 7, 1804 and how did they attempt to catch one?
A prairie dog. they planned to catch it by drowning it.
What important members joined the crew at Fort Mandan?
Toussaint Charbonneau, a French-Canadian fur trapper living among the Hidatsa. Charbonneau, his Shoshone wife, Sacagawea, and their baby son, Jean Baptiste,
What did they send back to St. Louis and eventually the President?
They dispatched it and about a dozen expedition members plus 108 botanical specimens, 68 mineral specimens, and Clark’s map of the United States aboard the keel boat, which was bound for St. Louis and, eventually, President Jefferson.

What would Lewis and Clark need to get across the Continental Divide and where could they get them?
Website to find the answer
They needed horses.

How did the Shoshone Indians help the expedition?
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