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Diana The Roman goddess

No description

rena ngo

on 31 May 2015

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Transcript of Diana The Roman goddess

By Rena Ngo
Diana The Goddess

Diana is the daughter of Jupiter and Latona. Diana was born with her twin brother Apollo on a island in Delos. Diana name means light or bright sky. But Diana is also know as "lady of the Beasts."
Diana was the goddess of hunt and wild animals, but later on Diana toke over from Luna as the Roman goddess of the moon. Diana also as the power of birth.

Diana chose of weapon is a(n) bow with some arrows.

Diana can also talk to animals, but as the huntress she becomes the shadow attribute of this stereotype, killing the animals and attacking anyone who tries to take away her dignity.

Diana has no children, Diana is considered to a fertility Goddess. She trys to get woman pregnant and those for who wish a easy labor.
Diana's Powers
This is the family tree of the Romans Gods
Roman Gods family Tree
Pictire of Diana
5 Facts About Diana the Roman Goddess
Diana is not married
Diana symbols are the cypress tree, deer, the bow and arrow, hounds, and the moon
Diana is extremely possessive and selfish
Diana will get revenge if you did not obey her wishes, and if you threaten Diana she will get her revenge.
5 More Facts About Diana the Roman Goddess
Diana greek name was Artemis
Some days Diana only bring out the piece of the moon other days she bring the moon out completely its based of her mood
Diana believed her body was very sacred, and no man will she her naked
Diana is also Ancient Italian Goddess
Diana is Goddess of the moon and her twin brother Apollo is the God of the sun
Diana symbol
The Importants of Diana
Diana is important because she is the daughter of Jupiter and Latona and the twin sister of Apollo. Diana is also important by being the goddess of the moon, birth, and hunting. Diana didn't have any kids of own or get married either. These are some important things about Diana the Roman Goddess.
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