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Glamazons 1O1

Glamazons + Fashion Fnatics = GG WP

Kevin Pham

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of Glamazons 1O1

Glamazon Profile! Who are they ? › Divas and Preppies
› Dripped with designer labels and princess attitude, especially the guys
› Up to date with fashion magazines and materials
› Everyday is their catwalk opportunity Wealthy <
designer clothes <
Into brand names <
And music on the radio <
Major consumers of society < Gender: Both males and females
Geographic: North Shore and at the University of Sydney
Age: 18-25
Nationality: Australian
Personality: Glamorous, egotistical & spoilt
Lifestyle: Extremely wealthy and always socialising
Occupation: Student Product/Service Idea & It's JUSTIFICATION we call it ... Fashion Fnatics Fashion Trends Fashion advices and tips Celebrity Fashion Social Network Plays your favourite music For both females and males Ideally Glamorous .. > Fashion Fnatics comprises of all elements

> Features, functions and social networking all based on fashion materials

> Music player that plays the lastest songs Macro-Environments Demographic Economic Technological Cultural Negative: > the name may give consumers the perception that it's a female based application
> Fashion Fnatics as a brand name may potentially drive our male audience away Positive > Glamazons are characterised as WEALTHY
> Therefore, buying process is shorten
> Price is inelastic, thus changes will have little impact > World Wide Web allows consumers to make easy comparisons
> Technological environment provides easy entry for competitors
> Long term success will be hard to achieve if introduction stage is not played correctly NEGATIVE POSiTiVE > incorporation of a social networking system
> staying up to date with the rapid technological environment POSITIVES > Characteristically, Glamazons will not hesitate to pay for whatever BENEFITS them
> Fashion Fnatics is positioned highly against competitors - ABSOLUTELY appealing to Glamazons who search for superiority
> Positive reviews in the introduction stage will attract DEFINITELY Glamazons InDirect & Direct inDirect competitors include: > Instyle Magazine > Fashion Trend Magazines > Vogue Magazines > Facebook > Tumblr - Blogging > Instagram - photo sharing High High Low Functions and Features Dynamic Technological Environment Fashion Fnatics Product Position Map ` Marketing MIX PRODUCT PLACE PEOPLE PROCESS PROMOTION PRICE 3 levels of Product Core:
> Fashion News
> Clothing trends
> Tips & advices
> Celebrity fashion Actual:
> Photo sharing
> Messenger network
> Music player Augmentation:
> Dynamic Technological environment
> Responsive to changes Subscription fee has 4 options of payment: $1.99 - 30 Days $4.99 - 90 Days $8.99 - 180 Days $15.99 - 1 year Friendly admins at your command: > Responsive towards feedback & complaints > Users change the environment of Fashion Fnatics > Users are able to interact with admins simultaneously Fashion Fnatics' Distribution AVAILABLE ON ALL SMARTPHONE PLATFORMS! Above the line Below the line > Flyers > Magazines > Newspapers > Internet > Email IMC: Personal Selling Direct Marketing Sales Promotion QR bar-code Fashion Fnatics' is made User-friendly > easy to submit a complaint > feedback process is simple as 123 > Admin's are reliably responsive > feedback is encouraged in order to create a better environment :> THE GLAMAZONS & Fashion FNatics References: http://stuffpoint.com/gossip-girl/image/79274-gossip-girl-gossip-girl.jpg
.http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=dJU_l401BQ4 QUESTIONS TIME!! YAY ^^ "It's not just a bag, it's PRADA"
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