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What Ever

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Botswna

Passport Project
by Jorge Guzman & Esbeiry Cordova BOTSWANA Greetings & Courtesies The Arts All are expected to serve the community.
Things like educational level, integrity and generosity count as a service. The People Population: 2.3 million Language:
Their official language is English. Although most of them speak their second language which is Setswana. Religion Christianity is the official Religion - 72% are Christians
- 6% practice Badimo
- 21% Claim no religion General Attitudes Botswana's people house their relatives for as long as needed They support their family members with no job They try to
avoid conflict Public criticism is inappropriate,
as is raising your voice in anger. Personal Appearance In Botswana they mostly wear western clothing. Women and Men wear business suits and women wear dresses or a skirt and blouse Young woman in urban area wear pants.
Rural women wear traditional dresses. Mothers carry babies on their back in fabric slings. Among the Kalanga the
younger person
always greets first. Greetings Gestures It is informal to walk between two people talking. If it is not possible to go around one bows below the people talking and say," Intshwarele" (Excuse me) Guest who are not hungry at least try the food and take some home. To show respect well to an
elder is to look down to the ground,
not direct eye contact. Life Style Women work in the fields.
Men work the cattle posts. Women are the head of rural families
Children have chores from a very young age. Housing Dating and Marriage Customary marriage have two days of
eating drinking dancing, and speeches. Groom's family pay a
bride-price to thank the
wife's parents for raising her Pregnant women are secluded from mostly everyone for the first three months to protect the baby from disease When a person dies friends and
family gather and offer prayers Recreation Visiting, dancing, singing, and playing sports.
Men play soccer; compete in village teams
Schools offer track, soccer, softball, volleyball, and netball Holidays :

New Year - January 12 On Christmas people return to
their villages to celebrate with relatives. Christmas is December 26 Abut 4,500 cave paintings
found in this region Dance music is provided by the beating of drums and blowing of horns. Botswana is located in
Southern Africa
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