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Intro to Astronomy

No description

Larissa McCann

on 3 January 2013

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Transcript of Intro to Astronomy

QUESTIONS The following clues are from the Astronomy unit. Do your best to guess
what the answer is. 1. The study of the moon, stars,
and other objects in space. 2. The imaginary line that passes through
Earth’s center and the North and South poles. 3. The spinning of
Earth on its axis. 4. The movement of one
object around another. 5. The path Earth follows around the Sun. 6. The tendency of an object to
resist a change in motion. 7. This force attracts all objects toward each other. 8. The amount of matter
in an object. 9. The force of gravity
on an object. 10. The different shapes of the
moon you see from Earth. 11. When an object in space comes
between the sun and a third object,
it casts a shadow on that object. 12. The rise and fall of ocean
water that occurs every
12.5 hours or so. 13. What causes the
phases of the Moon? 14. Does the
Moon rotate? 15. Does the Moon
have gravity? 16. Why does the Earth have seasons? 17. How long does it take
for Earth to go once
around the Sun? 18. What are the two brightest
objects in the sky? 19. Are the Moon and the
Sun the same size? 20. Is the Sun a ball of fire? 21. How long does it take Earth to spin once around? ANSWERS 1. Astronomy 2. Axis 3. Rotation 4. Revolution 5. Orbit 6. Inertia 7. Gravity 8. Mass 9. Weight 10. Phases 11. Eclipse 12. Tides 13. How much of the sunlit side of the Moon
faces Earth. 14. Yes 15. Yes 16. Earth is on a
tilted axis as it revolves
around the Sun. 17. 365 1/4 days 18. The Sun and
Moon 19. No 20. No 21. 24 hours
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